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Ruby Ryder presents this new toy for pegging giver satisfaction

A New Toy Awaits After Frank’s Punishment

Masturbation Month 2023 #20 – (Link to Part One) The new toy looked impressive; Cynthia had to admit. Frank knew nothing about her latest acquisition. She’d kept it hidden ever since it arrived in the mail. This was a different kind

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with purple hair pegging man laying face down on bed

Something For Nothing

I regularly receive messages with the general theme of wanting something for nothing. Here is an example. I used to have this awesome pegging thing with my partner. I broke up with them. I can’t afford a pro. Where can

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The punishment he deserved.

The Punishment Frank Wanted Arrives

Masturbation Month 2023 #19 – (Link to Part One) There weren’t many dishes, and Frank didn’t linger in the kitchen. He wiped down the table and counters one more time, took a deep breath, and headed to the bedroom. His fear

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Hump day arrives, and Frank receives another new apron!

Happy Hump Day for the Maid

Masturbation Month 2023 #18 – (Link to Part One) Frank awoke with a smile on his face. Last night with Cynthia had been a revelation. So that’s what a prostate orgasm felt like! He chuckled to himself to see her side

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Ruby Ryder says: Face time is important when you are caged!

Some Face Time For Cynthia

Masturbation Month 2023 #17 – (Link to Part One) Frank lay there on the massage table, so in love with Cynthia at that moment. He was completely smitten. She was a fucking goddess; of that he had no doubt whatsoever. Seems

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craving and calm come from this wide, black dildo!

Pleasure, Craving and Calm; the Magic Combination

Masturbation Month 2023 #16 – (Link to Part One) There was a pattern Cynthia wanted to try out with Frank; pleasure, craving, and calm. As her tongue played with his ass, she considered her timing. Relaxation was essential, and she didn’t

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He couldn't see what was coming next.

What He Couldn’t See, He Wouldn’t Fear

Masturbation Month 2023 #15 – (Link to Part One) Frank came out of the bathroom naked and relaxed. He stepped just into the bedroom and closed his eyes so he couldn’t see the bed. “Ma’am? May I make a request, please?”

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Chastity is not only fair, it's delightful! Asylum Locking Chastity Cage.

Turnabout is Not Only Fair, it’s Essential

Masturbation Month 2023 #14 – (Link to Part One) It was only fair that tonight was his turn, Frank thought. Technically fairness had not been part of the agreement. But after last night, he felt he deserved a reward. He cleared

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The apron that helped Frank feel better about his cage.

The Apron That Didn’t Do its Job

The apron helped! Masturbation Month 2023 #13 – (Link to Part One) Frank stepped into the kitchen and set his keys on the kitchen table. “Welcome home, Sweetheart! You’re early.” Cynthia greeted him with a smile and a quick kiss

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the key to a temporary escape from chastity between large breasts

Plans For a Temporary Escape From the Torture

Was a temporary escape possible? Masturbation Month 2023 #12 – (Link to Part One) Escape. That’s what Frank woke up the next morning thinking. Once again, he had not slept well. Erections and cage pinching kept waking him up. He

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Caged, Overwhelmed, and Unsatisfied.

Caged, Overwhelmed and Unsatisfied

Masturbation Month 2023 #11 (Link to Part One) Masturbation Month 2023 is here! In the wee hours of the morning I celebrated with my first orgasm, arrived at with the help of the Lelo Enigma. I settled in with this

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