His Heart Swelled, Along With Other Things

Masturbation month 2024 Cynthia takes a bath and Frank's heart swells

Masturbation Month 2024 #24 (Link to Part One)

Oh yes, Frank's heart swells, but you need the history. Let me explain.

Masturbation Month 2024 is here! And I have added to the story of Frank and Cynthia's adventure for the last two years. It's a story about Frank as a kitchen maid wearing a fancy apron and chastity cage for a week straight, and, wait for it, getting fucked every day.

So you will need the Link to Part One, and there you go! At the end of each piece there is a link to the next chapter. So now you've got some erotic homework. Enjoy!

Also enjoy Masturbation month! I'm shooting for an orgasm every day this month. How about you?

His Heart Swelled, Along With Other Things

Cynthia walked in and saw the flowers right off.

"Frank! These are beautiful!" He was still in his suit, standing in the kitchen. Smiling broadly, he walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. In that moment he felt so in love with Cynthia.

His love for her had never been a question, but this was different. The synergistic combination of his caged cock, all the sexytime play they enjoyed for the last 4 days, and being deliciously fucked every single day broke him open emotionally in a deeply stirring way. Had he ever loved her this intensely? He wondered. His heart swelled.

Frank pulled back from their kiss and looked at Cynthia with eyes shining.

"You... are amazing. I love you so much, Cyn."

"Oh, Frank. I love you, too. This has been fun, right? And it's not over yet, so tell your lovely cock not to get too excited." They both laughed, hugging each other.

"Take that suit off, turn up the heat a bit, and come back naked, K?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Frank grinned, kissed Cynthia softly on the lips and disappeared down the hall.

Cynthia stripped, prepared 2 margaritas, threw a blanket over the couch, and then waited for Frank, naked and sipping her drink. He joined her, smiling at the way she was curled up comfortably, looking so relaxed. Her eyes gestured towards his drink. He sat down next to her and picked it up.

"Here's to your locked up cock. He's doing an excellent job of going along with the program, I must say." Cynthia laughed, and then grinned.

"Cheers to my cock!" Frank joined in enthusiastically. They clinked glasses, chuckled, and sipped their drinks.

"Tonight, my love, I don't have food planned. How does pizza sound?" Cynthia hadn't had time to plan much of anything. So, beyond the wonderfully obligatory fucking of Frank's ass, she was just going to wing it.

"Perfect. The barbeque chicken?" Cynthia nodded.

"Medium. Order it, my slutty boy." She said the words simply and it thrilled him. The emotional tenor of the evening that far had been so much about love, and her words kicked lust solidly into the mix, much to Frank's delight.

"Yes Ma'am." He took out his phone.

A short while later, empty margarita glasses on the coffee table, Frank hopped up and put on a robe to answer the door. He brought the pizza back to the couch, along with napkins and two bottles of cold water. They ate and shared about their days.

"Fill up the bath, Frank." They were only part way through the pizza and that tub took a while to fill. The timing was just right.

"Clean up the kitchen and then bring your ass to the bath," Cynthia said as she padded off down the hall.

"Absolutely!" He replied. Cynthia looked a little tired and he wondered if she would have enough energy to fuck him with that big purple toy tonight. Or more specifically, if she would have enough energy to rail him with it. That's what he was craving, funnily enough. For what felt like the hundredth time, at the very least, since this adventure with Cynthia began, he felt his cock swell in its cage.

Part 25 - Frank is Down for the Whole Ride

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! 

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