“I Love Seeing You Like This” – Podcast #302

"I love seeing you like this." My interviewee, Steve, has heard these words many times while receiving pegging from his partner. We hear Steve's story about how he began walking down the path of pegging and how his experience has evolved over the years. He speaks eloquently about what he loves about pegging, and his explorations into crossdressing and chastity. This podcast might be a reassurance to pegging givers who are concerned when their receivers express a desire to crossdress. Hearing personal stories can be heartening and enlightening. Enjoy!



Movember officially begins in November. I will indeed be participating once again with the same goal of $1000. I'm starting early (October 15th) because my goal this year is not a specific workout goal. Instead, it's a weight loss goal! This is why I am starting early. I plan to lose 15 pounds by the end of November and reverse the effects of the pandemic on my fitness. I'm strong from all my workouts but would love to be able to fit back into some of my clothes and move through the world more easily. Extra weight impacts me more intensely as I get older! And I need to stay fit so I can keep enthusiastically having my way with my partners...!

Please donate to the Movember fundraiser if you are able. They are doing such amazing work!

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