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Podcast #301 is a celebration of pegging

Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301 Information/Articles Equipment I hope you enjoy podcast #301! I included a link to an instagram video from Joe Kort that relates to my new article posted on 7/2, “Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too”.

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taking a longer dildo when pegging

What Makes Taking a Longer Dildo Uncomfortable?

Pegging With Longer Toys Taking a longer dildo can be exquisitely pleasurable, or it can be really uncomfortable. I often see receivers who are relatively new to pegging talk about being puzzled why they can’t take a longer toy. Part

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Podcast #300

Here it is! Presenting Podcast #300 Part Two!

Podcast #300 Part 2, where Michelle and I continue the conversation talking about responsive desire, celebrating people’s no, and more. We explore touch, awakening the prostate, foreplay in solo anal exploration, and giving yourself permission. And don’t forget, Soft Cock

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Presenting Podcast #300

This is it! Presenting Podcast #300 Part One!

Presenting Podcast #300! I am joined by Michelle Rene, sexual surrogate, sex worker, intimacy guide, human connection coach and creator of Soft Cock Week. We talk about many. many things. You will surely find some nuggets in there for yourself.

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men like to feel beautiful, too

Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too

The Desire to Feel Beautiful Whether dressed up in a flirty pair of panties and bra or just walking bare-assed naked from the shower, men want to feel desired and lusted after. And while the word ‘beautiful’ more often has

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Podcast #298 features talk of the JimSupport Sex Sling

Get Down and Get Funky With Podcast #299

Pegging Paradise Podcast #299 Articles/Information Equipment Podcast #299 touches on a variety of different topics until finally revisiting that question of a fucking machine, but this time it is not a machine, it’s a rocker. We’ve talked about these before

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This flower vase if full of reminders about the pegging Cynthia gave Frank!

The Fifth Day Was Full of Reminders

June 2, 2023 #23 (Link to Part One) Frank’s fifth day was full of reminders of his punishment the night before. From the moment he got up, even sitting on the edge of the bed, his butt smarted. He checked

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While handcuffed to the cushion, Frank wants to see the toy that thrilled Cynthia

He Wants to See the Toy That Thrilled Her

Frank and Cynthia’s story continues, and so can your masturbation! June 1st 2023 #22 – (Link to Part One) They laid in silence for a bit. Quiet but for the heavy breathing. “Do you like your new toy, Ma’am?” “Mmm… I

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Hungry for more Ruby Ryder shares close up of clit sucking part of Strap-On

Frank is Hungry For More, But Cynthia Has Plans

Masturbation Month 2023 #21 – (Link to Part One) “Deep breath.” Cynthia commanded Frank, and slowly withdrew the plug from Frank’s ass. Along with it went the delightful feeling of fullness. His caged cock felt heavy, hanging down past the end

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