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Ruby Ryder shares picture of 3 tiered purple cake decorated with flowers

Happy 12th Birthday Pegging Paradise!

Happy 12th Birthday, Pegging Paradise! Wow. Twelve years! Looking back, I’m so thankful that I decided to dive down the rabbit hole of pegging twelve years ago. I’ve discovered far more than I ever knew existed in the realm of

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Ruby Ryder shares black and white photo of a captive cock in chastity cage - day two!

Day Two Arrives

Masturbation Month 2022 #8 (Link to Part One) The arrival of day two couldn’t come soon enough. Tossing and turning that first night was no fun. Frank woke up many times with his cock attempting to have spontaneous erections, and

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The First Night Concludes

Masturbation Month 2022 #7 (Link to Part One) The first night was a total success in Cynthia’s mind. She went down the hall and stepped directly into the shower. That was fucking hot! Of course this was only the first

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No Way Out

Masturbation Month 2022 #6 (Link to Part One) There truly was no way out of this adventure at this point. From the moment Cynthia thrust that purple cock into his ass, Frank’s legs began to tremble. His craving for this

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Ruby Ryder shares small purple dildo by Fuze used in a strap-on for pegging

Happily Bent Over the Sink

Masturbation Month 2022 #5 (Link to Part One) Eager to be bent over the sink, Frank couldn’t get to the bedroom fast enough. He returned with the leather harness and thick purple cock, offering them to Cynthia. “No, we’re going

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Ruby Ryder shares chrome chastity cage to be worn during pegging

Doing the Dishes and More

Masturbation Month 2022 #4 (Link to Part One) Doing the dishes felt the same as eating dinner; something he just needed to get through to finally get to the main event. So as Frank cleaned out in the shower, he

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Ruby Ryder shares stainless steel chastity cage for tease and denial during pegging

The First Night

Masturbation Month 2022 #3 (Link to Part One) Somehow, Frank got through that day, sitting at his desk with the weight of the cage between his legs. He kept redirecting his thoughts back to work. Not an easy job when

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Ruby Ryder shares steel chastity cage in story of Frank as kitchen maid for a week

At First it Felt Good

Masturbation Month 2022 #2 (Link to Part One) The cage felt good. That was a surprise. He sat there eating lunch at his desk and marveled at the sensation. Nice. Frank was beside himself with thoughts that had nothing to

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Ruby Ryder shares stainless steel chastity cage with lock for chastity play

Seven Days as a Kitchen Maid

Masturbation Month 2022 #1 “Cynthia, where is the key?” Frank’s voice had an urgency to it that I’d never heard before. But after 5 days of his cock in prison, I understood his urgency. Frank was a very highly sexual

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Podcast #290 Steps Onto the Stage!

Letter from an appreciative Patron He struggles with shame due to pegging She wants to satisfy his desire for masochism during pegging He loves the anticipation and looking sexy for his partner He shares about letting go of the past

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Ruby Ryder shares colorful assortment of dildos for pegging in a pile on black satin cloth

An Abundance of Penetralia

Dildos are dildos are dildos, right? Au contraire mon frère! The sheer abundance of penetralia can be mind boggling, confusing, as well as inspiring. The provocative curves, teasing twists, wild ridges, vivid colors, glittery sparkles, and metallic shimmers….wow! So many

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Ruby Ryder shares diagram of puborectalis muscle that can sometimes interfere with anal penetration

The Puborectalis and Pegging

The Puborectalis and Pegging. What’s the Connection? There is a question that comes up pretty regularly in the various Pegging forum boards I frequent. It typically reads something like this, “When we do Pegging, about 3-4” in, it feels uncomfortable

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