Celebrations and Inquiries – Podcast #298

Podcast #298 features talk of the JimSupport Sex Sling
Podcast #298 features talk of the JimSupport Sex Sling

Pegging Paradise Podcast #298

  • Consultations with Ruby are now easy to schedule!
  • PCT! He tells his story, from anal play to pegging
  • PCT! He shares his journey from diet to exploration to pegging!
  • His reflections after one year of pegging
  • He shares his experience with Snug Plugs 1-4 and bicycling!
  • They are exploring more and more. He’s excited and terrified all at once!



Podcast #298 contains some great stories about this journey we call pegging, from beginning anal play to the real deal. I never tire of hearing how that story unfolds, the challenges and thrills along the way. The recurring theme so often seems to be the deep satisfaction of being accepted for exactly who you are, and the thrill of exploring new sexual territory. Slings, butt plugs, relationships, communications, taking risks, asking for what you want, and more makes up this episode. And we are almost at #300!

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