What Makes a Breathtaking Butt Plug?

9 box grid of photos of a wide variety of butt plug - steel, with tail, vibrating, with cock ring
Breathtaking Butt Plugs!

When shopping for a butt plug, here are some things to keep in mind:

Body-Safe and Non-Toxic

Cheap, toxic toys that are not body-safe are everywhere. Some contain chemicals that have been banned in children's toys and pet toys (seriously). They can LIE ON THE LABELS (seriously). So don't believe those claims of '100% silicone' for a $5 plug on Amazon! Please educate yourself and purchase your toys from retailers/manufacturers with integrity who only offer body-safe, non-toxic toys. (Hint - not Amazon.)

The Differential Makes a Difference

A significant differential between the widest part of the plug and the neck is what helps keep a plug in. So look for a larger differential if you want a plug that stays put. Slender-necked plugs are also comfortable to wear, allowing your sphincter to relax instead of feeling held open. Wider-necked plugs with less of a plug/neck differential help to stretch your sphincter, but often are not the best at staying in.

Butt Plug Base Safety

A flared base ensures the plug is safe and won't get lost in your ass. The safest and best designed plugs have a base that is a little wider than the widest part of the plug. Think about it. If you just stretched your ass wide enough to take in the plug and the base is the same width, there's a chance that your ass could open that far for the base, too. This is a problem with a lot of jeweled butt plugs, pretty though they may be. If you love those gorgeous ass-decorating jeweled plugs - here's a safe one (it vibrates and has a remote control, too!!) The lack of a wide enough base is a problem with many cheap plugs.

Butt Plug Base Design

The ideal shape for a comfortable base is some form of a 'T' shape so that the base can sit comfortably between your butt cheeks. Round bases can be okay for a while but quickly get uncomfortable because they press against the insides of your butt cheeks.

The Bigger, The Softer

For those of you who venture into the territory of larger diameter plugs, the wider you go, the softer the plug needs to be for safety. Mr. Hankey's knows this, and offers a variety of firmness choices, pretty much all less firm that a regular dildo (not dual density). This is the way to be kind to your ass and not end up with anal fissures! I teach an Advanced Webinar that covers insertions wider than 2" and longer than 8", too. And here's a "Masster's Degree Advanced Anal Set," for the truly adventurous!

A Bounty of Butt Plug Experiences

There are SO many kinds of butt plugs! Behold: regular, weighted, curved, steel, textured, vibrating, and even those that simulate rimming. There are even plugs that vibrate in response to ambient sound. Some vibrating plugs are controlled at distance by a partner with a phone app. Here's one that gets warm for you and vibrates, too! And here's one that is cock ring, too! How about a plug with a rainbow unicorn tail? So many choices! They offer a wide variety of sensations for your ass to experience. Explore!

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