Caged, Overwhelmed and Unsatisfied

Masturbation Month 2023 #11 (Link to Part One)

Masturbation Month 2023 is here! In the wee hours of the morning I celebrated with my first orgasm, arrived at with the help of the Lelo Enigma. I settled in with this wonderful toy and read all my previous chapters from the story below. No porn, just erotica. My intention was to have an orgasm, of course, but I also wanted to take my time, let it build and really enjoy it. That happened. I also wanted to revive this story and add to it. Last year I was interrupted by a computer mishap. Not this year, Satan!

The story of Frank and Cynthia, continued! (Links to previous chapters here.)

Caged, Overwhelmed, and Unsatisfied

Cynthia pressed the button on the remote and the vibrations stopped. Lifting Frank's chin, she gave him their favorite kind of kiss. Slow, soft, and wet. Languid, explorative, and endless. Basically, she gave Frank another reason to swoon. That kiss lasted and lasted, until finally Cynthia moved away. She gently removed his blindfold, and turned Frank back to the kitchen counter. She placed his hands on the counter in a wordless command to get ready for his fucking and Frank complied, spreading his legs and presenting his ass to Cynthia.

"Good boy, Frank." She murmured. Frank nodded but didn't reply.

Frank watched her slip on the strap-on and noticed it was holding the small toy. As much as he wanted to be stretched and filled up, in that moment he was grateful for her choice. He felt her pull out the plug, just a little too quickly, and saw her set it on a paper towel on the kitchen counter. Frank made a mental note to remember to clean (and charge!) that later. He felt Cynthia's fingers applying lube to his ass and then push the length of the toy inside him.

Again, so many sensations. His cock had calmed down, but his balls ached just a bit, not just from his denied release, but how much she had teased him. The small purple dildo felt wonderful, so he focused on that, arching his back.

Then Cynthia pulled back, turned on the vibe and buried her cock in Frank's ass again. This wasn't going to take long. She felt her clit throbbing and knew she was close. So she pressed her body against Frank and reached around to play with his nipples, sliding her hands under the purple gingham. As a result, he whined a bit when her fingers made contact and she pressed her clit against the vibe.

Frank stood at the kitchen counter, feeling helpless. Fuck! Cynthia was buried in his ass, which was great, but she wasn't moving the toy, just pressing against the vibe, but leaving it deep inside him. He knew that this was giving her clit happy times, but it left him wanting more motion. More friction, more thrusting. More! She denied him this. In addition, she began teasing his nipples again, which woke up his cock again. He felt it fill the cage and as a result it got a little painful. But his nipples felt so damn good!

"How's my fucking kitchen maid tonight?" Her rough-sounding words were hot breath in his ear.

" I - I'm good, Ma'am." Frank heard his words as if outside himself a bit. They sounded tight and a little higher than usual. He pushed his ass back but got little satisfaction as Cynthia stayed pressed against him. Then he whimpered again.

That's all it took for Cynthia. She felt her orgasm approach and started talking.

"Your ass is mine, sweet boy. Completely mine to fuck any way I wish, for five... more... days! And your cock will be locked up the entire… time."

Her emphasized words were accompanied by thrusts into his ass, giving Frank just a taste of what he'd been craving. Just a taste, because Cynthia came with a groan and a kind of roar, and her thrusting stopped abruptly. She rode the waves of her pleasure, still pinching his nipples, and squirmed behind him, her breath coming quick.

Fuck! Frank almost pulled away at that moment, but it ended quickly, and at last her nipple torture ceased. Finally, he felt her turn off the vibe and pull out of his ass. Then she placed it in the sink and walked away without a word. He couldn't move and held on to the counter to stay steady. Above all, his body screamed with desire unfulfilled. Caged, overwhelmed, and unsatisfied. He shook his head. Had he actually asked for this? It wasn't all bad, to be sure. But it certainly was not like any kind of sex they had ever had before. Until now.

So Frank took deep breaths and waited until everything eased a bit. Then he cleaned the strap-on and dildo, placing them on a fresh towel. Lastly, he gave one longing look at the large toy and plugged in the vibe and the plug. After a quick rinse in the shower, he climbed into bed next to Cynthia who was snoring softly. She didn't wake when he joined her.

Part 12 - Plans For a Temporary Escape From the Torture

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 1

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