The First Night Concludes

Masturbation Month 2022 #7 (Link to Part One)

The first night was a total success in Cynthia's mind. She went down the hall and stepped directly into the shower.

That was fucking hot!

Of course this was only the first night, and who knew how things were going to unfold over the next week, but she couldn't have asked for a better start to the kitchen adventure Frank had been so eager to try. She mentally patted herself on the back for agreeing to participate. Certainly, good things came when keeping an open mind regarding sexytime activities.

The hot water felt good. Thinking about what went down in the kitchen, Cynthia unhooked the shower massager and brought it to her crotch. Sure, she could get off again thinking about Frank's whimpering while she played with his nipples and fucked his ass. Absolutely. The shower massager was her reliable source for an efficient orgasm. Though she'd just gotten off fucking Frank, another peak arrived quickly with the erotic echos of the kitchen scene dancing in her head.Yum.

Meanwhile, Frank's legs were still trembling. His cock pulsed and strained against the cage, silently begging for attention. His nipples tingled with pleasure as they brushed the fabric of the apron.

Frank hadn't moved since Cynthia left the kitchen. He felt...overwhelmed.

The sound of water from down the hall let him know Cynthia was in the shower. There was no hurry to do anything in that moment, really. So, he took stock. How did he feel? His ass, and that deep, core place that getting fucked in the ass touched inside him, felt happy, satisfied and warm. His cock felt frustrated, expectant, and rather insistent that the same pattern it was used to should now be followed to its natural conclusion - an orgasm.

Not tonight, Frank smiled. The combination of sensations was not entirely unpleasant. In fact they landed squarely in the good territory, upon examination. So far, so good with the caged cock experiment.

Frank stood, reached behind him, and struggled with the tight knot of the apron a bit before slipping out of it and getting that fabric away from his nipples. They were so fucking sensitive from Cynthia's teasing that he didn't want anything touching them for a bit. He folded the apron neatly and put it back in the drawer. Then he carefully cleaned the dildo, vibe, and leather harness, setting them all on a clean kitchen towel on the counter. He saw the rejected thicker dildo on the kitchen table, grabbed it and set it on the towel next to the one Cynthia had fucked him with. Maybe she'd use the larger one tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night. Bent over the kitchen counter, again! His ass rejoiced, and he did a little happy dance there in the kitchen, his caged cock swinging along with his hips.

Suddenly he remembered about the vibe. He retrieved the charger cord from the bedroom and plugged it in, next to the other toys. Might as well have everything in one place for tomorrow. Lessons learned after the first night of fucking.

Although he did love a good ass beating now and again, Frank was thankful the vibe had not died on Cynthia. He put his hands together as in prayer and gestured with them upwards, thanking the gods and goddesses of sex toys. Couldn't hurt.

Cynthia slipped off to bed after her shower, and immediately fell into a deep sleep. Frank did his own cleanup in the bathroom, turned off all the lights, and finally joined Cynthia in bed. She woke when he slipped in beside her and snuggled into him from behind; his big spoon. Her hand reached around and grasped his cage. She kissed the back of his neck sleepily and then quickly faded off to sleep again, still holding his locked up cock.

Frank twitched. It was going to be a long night.

Part 8 - Day Two Arrives

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