Day Two Arrives

Ruby Ryder shares black and white photo of a captive cock in locked chastity cage

Masturbation Month 2022 #8 (Link to Part One)

The arrival of day two couldn't come soon enough.

Tossing and turning that first night was no fun. Frank woke up many times with his cock attempting to have spontaneous erections, and the resulting pinching of his cage. Near dawn he fell into a deep sleep from exhaustion.

Cynthia was gone from the bed when his alarm went off at eight. That was unusual. The smell of coffee beckoned. That was unusual, too. So he padded naked into the kitchen, found a full pot and poured himself a cup. Next to the coffee he found a note.

Good morning, my love. Welcome to day two! I'm off for a run.

Frank smiled. After that action last night, he'd forgotten that Cynthia often ran the next morning after taking his ass. He'd always wondered why. Maybe something to do with hormones? Who knew! He took a quick shower and dressed for work. At that point, his ass felt happy. His cock did not. But this was all to be expected, he thought.

He was almost done with his coffee when Cynthia came in the door, sweaty, flushed and grinning.

"Hey, handsome! How'd you sleep?" She bent to kiss him where he sat at the kitchen table, careful not to sweat on his suit.

"Not so good. My cock was talking to me all night. But my ass is happy! You were amazing, honey. Really!" Frank smiled shyly.

"Thanks! It was fucking hot. And it's going to be even more fucking hot tonight!" Her look was mischievous.

Cynthia chuckled and then started taking off her clothes right there in the kitchen. They were going to the laundry, just in the garage, but her other motive was to get naked in front of Frank before he left for work. Just to do it. Just to fuck with him a little.

Frank watched Cynthia appreciatively. Certainly, she had a bangin' body. He didn't look away while she stripped. He stood up from the kitchen table to leave for work just as she threw off the last piece of clothing. Cynthia had the most amazing big, pendulous breasts, thick thighs, a lovely large ass and a round beautiful belly. That is all to say, Frank couldn't see her naked without wanting to fuck her. So this morning was no different. Well, the cage that prevented him from getting all the way hard was certainly different, and quickly getting uncomfortable.

Frank looked her up and down and grabbed his caged cock reflexively, adjusting it for a little more comfort. Then he smiled and shook his head at her in disbelief and waved her away with a gesture, heading to the garage.

"See you tonight, Ma'am!" Frank spoke the words loudly, intending to be dismissive of her intentional teasing. Then he jumped into his car and left.

Day two at work was just about marking time while waiting to see Cynthia again. The weight of his cage reminded him all day what would be happening that night. Again! But damn it, day two went slowly. At last it was time to leave.

As he was getting into his car, Cynthia's text arrived.

Pick up my order from Beau Thai. See you soon, my caged boy. Your ass is mine again tonight! As if you had a

Frank's ass clenched a little when he read that last part. Couldn't they just skip the food and go straight to the fucking? Probably not. It was only day two.

When he walked in the door, Cynthia had plates and silverware already laid out on the table. And margaritas, with salt, all frosty looking! Wow.

She didn't even give him a chance to speak.

"Get that suit off, now. I want you naked except for your tie, sitting at this table in three minutes! Go!" Her tone was commanding. And it thrilled him.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Frank set the food on the table and then literally ran off down the hall. He kicked off his shoes, hung up his suit jacket in the closet. Leaving on his tie, all his other clothes went into the laundry hamper. He was done!

Scooting back out to the dining room, he slid into the chair next to Cynthia, snugging up his tie. He noticed she'd covered the chair with a towel. Good move. His cock leaked something fierce when he was turned on. As a result, Frank had been struggling with wet spots on his pants all day. He'd been in a rather constant state of anticipation and excitement since yesterday when Cynthia locked up his cock.

But right now, there were Thai food and margaritas to enjoy. Before the dishes. And before the eventual fucking.

Cynthia held her drink up, gesturing for a toast.

"Here's to day two of fucking my pretty boy's ass... with his cock in a cage." She spoke the words slowly, enunciating, and paused for effect, holding his gaze. They clinked glasses and sipped their drinks. Frank was silent, his eyes shining.

When she said the words out loud, and simply described what they were doing, it sounded sexy as hell. Frank loved Cynthia's dirty talk. She was so good at it, when she wanted to be.

That was the moment when Frank suspected that tonight, Cynthia's dirty talk skills would be exemplary.

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