A New Apron

Masturbation Month 2022 #9 (Link to Part One)

Frank and Cynthia chatted while they ate, as if it were perfectly normal for Frank to be naked, sitting at the table with his cock locked in a cage during dinner. It was a first, actually, and Frank noticed that he felt exposed and vulnerable. He loved CFNM; clothed female/nude male, but they hadn’t often brought that dynamic into their play. It clicked him into a submissive mindset very effectively.

Impatient, Frank served himself small portions and made sure to eat at a normal pace. He couldn’t wait for the main event. So the eating, drinking margaritas, showering, and the kitchen work all felt like obstacles to conquer before his ass got the royal treatment again.

Neither of them were all that hungry, so dinner was over quickly. Then without being asked, Frank ran off to the shower and made short work of cleaning up and cleaning out. When he returned to the kitchen, Cynthia was nowhere to be seen, but the back door was open like last night. He found the drawer holding his apron standing open and a new apron sitting on top. Wow! For him? He felt special! It was soft cotton, purple gingham checks with white ruffles.

He tied it on and marveled that it was even softer than the other apron. Impulsively, before cleaning the kitchen, he reenacted last night’s scene at the back door.

Cynthia sat outside again, looking peaceful and deep in thought.

“Thank you for the beautiful new apron, Ma’am. I love it!” When she turned to look, he did an awkward semi-curtsy.

“You’re welcome. You wear it well, Frank. Now get your cute ass in there and clean that kitchen.” Her tone was matter-of-fact and distracted.

“Yes Ma’am.” Frank could tell when she was planning something. Knowing that sent a thrill through him. Cynthia could be delightfully unpredictable.

There wasn’t much to do, since they’d gotten takeout. Frank’s gaze kept wandering over to the toys on the towel while he worked. His ass really wanted the bigger toy tonight. But that was up to her. He made very quick work of the kitchen. Then, satisfied everything was clean, he called her in to inspect his work.

Cynthia took a cursory look around. Frank had done another fine job, not unexpectedly.

“Well done, Frank. Now close your eyes.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He shut them immediately. Well, this was an unexpected twist.

He felt Cynthia sliding a blindfold on him, and from the feel of it he could tell it was the same one they kept in the drawer by the bed. Where had she been hiding that? Who knew!

Deprived of sight, he felt even more deliciously, yet uncomfortably vulnerable. Fascinating how those two sensations could coexist. Kind of like his unhappy cock and his soon to be happy ass! This thought made him smile.

“Look at that smile! Oh, my boy, you have no idea what I have in store for you tonight.” Cynthia laughed low in her throat. The mind fuck began.

“Whatever you wish. Ma’am. My ass is yours.” He spoke the words confidently, but still felt a touch of fear.

“Damn right it is.” She kind of growled the words. Fuck. Sometimes Cynthia could be so freakin’ sexy with just a few words, spoken a certain way. Already, Frank’s cock had filled the cage and was complaining, but Frank wasn’t listening.

Then Cynthia took Frank’s hands and led him over to the sink, placing them down for him to get his bearings. He immediately bent over, spread his legs apart and pushed his ass out for her pleasure. Frank assumed the position that she’d taught him, trying to please her. It worked.

Cynthia smiled. What a good boy! She dug in her pockets, and pulled out a butt plug and a remote. She set them on the kitchen counter. Then she stripped, throwing all of her clothes in a pile off to the side. Cynthia selected the small toy from the equipment on the towel, put the vibe in it, and fit them in the harness, then left it there for the time being. She had lots of plans before any fucking would commence.

First, she loosened Franks tie, slipped it off over his head and unknotted it. Then she used the smaller end to tie around his balls, with a knot to hold it there. She gave it a tug and Frank made a yummy noise, sticking his ass out even further. She dropped the tie to the floor, leaving it as a handle for later play.

Next, Cynthia took the butt plug off the counter and coated it with lube. She stepped up behind Frank and pressed it firmly against his hole.

Take it, Frank.” She pushed it against his ass.

“Of course, Ma’am.”

This could be a repeat of last night, but the weird part was that Frank had no idea what was going in his ass because he couldn’t see it! Frank took a deep breath and tried to relax his ass and allow… whatever it was, to enter. It felt kind of big, but his senses were skewed. Was this the big toy? He was hopeful. Taking a deep breath, he tried to relax.

Cynthia twisted the plug, doing a shallow in and out motion to help him open up.

When the toy slid in and his sphincter closed around the smaller diameter, that’s when Frank knew it was a plug. But he couldn’t remember a plug like this in their toy collection.

“Oh! Thank you, Ma’am. Is that a new plug?” He had to ask.

“It is indeed! Just for you, Frank. Just for this sweet ass. My ass!” She slapped one cheek with her hand and Frank started, laughing.

Now he felt really special. An apron and a plug? A wave of happiness and gratitude washed over him, kind like a warm fuzzy feeling.

Cynthia surveyed the scene and nodded, a motion Frank couldn't see. It was time for the fun to begin; Operation Tease.

Part 10 - Operation Tease the Fuck Out of Frank

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