Operation Tease the Fuck Out of Frank

Masturbation Month 2022 #10 (Link to Part One)

Cynthia’s goal was to torture Frank with pleasure. To tease the fuck out of him. She began touching him everywhere that excited him, in exactly the ways he loved the most. She was going to take Frank to a place he’d never been, if all went well.

First the nipples. Cynthia pressed her naked body against Frank’s from behind, reached around and underneath his apron with both hands to latch onto his nipples. She teased them relentlessly, while Frank softly moaned and gasped. Her fingers flicked them, lightly pinched them and tapped them, over and over again.

Next she moved to Frank’s left side. One hand continued the assault on his left nipple; no rest for the sensitive nips. Meanwhile, her other hand went between his ass cheeks, below the plug. Two fingers, right on his taint, rubbing gently and massaging.

Frank swooned. Oh fuck. This was insane. The nipple attention was intense, and had his cock trying desperately to break its way out of the cage. And then her fingers on his taint, playing with his prostate and massaging the root of his cock with that tantalizing motion that she knew so well. He loved it when Cynthia did this, but he’d never been wearing a cock cage while it happened. Certainly made it infinitely more frustrating for his cock. But it still felt fucking amazing. His body hummed with pleasure, right on the edge of overwhelm, with a generous side of frustration right underneath the surface.

Then Cynthia moved to Frank’s right side, where one hand continued teasing the other nipple. She was fucking serious about the nipple play tonight. When she circled around the back of Frank, she bent down to pick up the tie. On this side, nipple teasing was combined with tugs on his balls.

Frank made beautiful noises of pleasure and need that were like audio filet mignon to Cynthia, a self-described audiophile.

She continued this pattern a few more times; behind him, left side, right side. Her plan was proceeding well; to tease the fuck out of him. At that point Frank was beside himself, grunting inarticulate sounds and whimpering. Cynthia loved the whimpering! What was it about Frank’s whimpering that frosted her cake so well? There was something about him being willing to take what she dished out… as a gift for her.

“Ahhhh! Cynthia, Please. Please! Jesus!” His breath was coming fast and his legs were trembling.

Frank wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. As a rule, he didn’t like to tap out, but he was close to calling it. At that point Cynthia dropped to her knees under Frank's apron and took his heavy caged cock in her hand. She started licking it through the bars of the cage, anywhere her tongue could reach.

Normally, Cynthia’s tongue on his cock would be heaven to Frank. But the cage turned that experience into pure frustration. Not enough sensation. Just enough to tease the fuck out of him, one more time. And even if she had been able to lick it more, the cage stopped him from getting hard. She took the whole cage into her mouth, but that just felt like lots of little spots where he could feel a bit of warm, wet touch. Fuck. His cock throbbed, asking for more.

Cynthia pulled on the tie and Frank whimpered again. His balls were a little sore from not releasing for the last 2 days. Frank was a 2 - 3 times a day kind of guy most of the time, which was making this cage adventure even more intense. For the first time Frank wondered whether this had been a good idea; the cage part. They could have done the kitchen maid and ass fucking without the cage. But it was certainly too late now.

Finally Cynthia took her mouth off Frank’s cage, and let go of the tie. Then she stood up next to Frank and pulled him upright.

"Come here, my sweet boy."

She took him into an embrace, wrapping her arms around him as he laid his head on her shoulder and just breathed.

“Well done, my boy. Very well done.” Her voice was soft and right next to his ear.

Cynthia’s words made Frank proud, and he got the warm fuzzies again. He loved this woman so much! He clung to her, legs still shaking.

After a while, Cynthia took Frank’s face into her hands and kissed him. An unbearably soft and gentle kiss. She caressed his hair and the back of his neck while their lips met.

That was the moment when she hit the remote for the plug in Frank's ass, and it began vibrating powerfully.

‘Ohhhhhh! Yesss!” Frank breathed the words more than spoke them. Certainly the sensation of that plug trumped everything else. His still-tingling sensitive nipples, his sore balls, and his cruelly constrained cock were all forgotten in that moment. Frank had been wanting and needing for Cynthia to tease the fuck out of his ass along with everything else. With her touch of that button, he got his wish. Frank's butt began to sway with pleasure, which charmed the hell out of Cynthia.

Her kiss! Frank marveled at the softness of her lips while their tongues met. The plug! His ass hummed. His whole body pulsed. Wow. Just, wow.

Part 11 - Caged, Overwhelmed and Unsatisfied

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