Podcast #291 Rolls Into Town


Podcast #291 Rolls Into Town!

So - Some great stuff with this podcast. My fascination with vulnerability continues. So I gathered together a number of shares about the emotional vulnerability felt by receivers during pegging. And then we have a celebration, too!

  • To begin with, more suggestions for incorporating pain with pegging
  • Pegging after a prostatectomy?
  • Pegging brings up his lack of vulnerability in his relationship
  • Then, he sends a vote for men feeling sexy and beautiful!
  • He feels shame with his solo anal (esp big) toy play
  • He wonders about terminology for pegging partners
  • He seeks info to begin exploring depth play
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • Their first time was so emotionally satisfying for him!
  • He eloquently shares the intense emotions he feels from pegging
  • He shares therapist's suggestion about shadow work
  • And finally, he shares his anal story - from shame to thrills!

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  1. Ruby- thanks so much for all you do to educate and inform on pegging. I so look forward to your new blogs & podcasts. Has Spotify banned your podcasts (they seem to have gotten into the censoring/editorializing business of late)? I normally listen to you on that platform but your podcast #291 still hasn’t posted on there. Keep up the great work!

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