Podcast #35

Pegging Paradise Podcast #35


Pegging Classes scheduled at Kama Sutra Closet Saturday February 16th!

❤ Happier Strap-on Couple - Status update from the guy in podcast #34 whose girlfriend wasn't into pegging enough for his taste! I think they-re doing better - links to their tumble blog below!

❤ Butt plug with a leash ideas...thanks everyone

❤ My rule of he gets anal if I can do him with a toy the same size as he presents - gets taken to task and I clarify

❤ Is pegging after prostate removal pleasurable for a man? One wife wonders. Aneros friend tells his story and has some great suggestions.

❤ A vote for hand held dildos and enemas as foreplay

❤ Ruby's interview adventure

❤ BIL conference vote needed Click Here and find my talk "A New Frontier in Intimacy - Strap-on Sex" and give me a thumbs up please! Anyone can vote.


Happier Strap-on Couple


Sexual Candor Blog


Jack Johnston's KSMO Protocol



BIL conference

http://bilconference.com/speakers/  VOTE FOR ME PLEASE! Find my talk "A New Frontier in Intimacy - Strap-on Sex" and give me a thumbs up please! Anyone can vote.

http://bilconference.com/volunteer-form/  Volunteer?


7 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your part in the article getting cut out. Maybe it’s the universe telling you that you’re not done with the sexy journalist.

    Already voted for you and I’m hoping you’ll get the chance to make those geeks blush!

      1. Would love to eavesdrop on that sweet-sounding conversation with that journalist — you have *the* sexiest voice I’ve ever heard, Ruby.
        I’d listen to your podcast (with, ahem, excitement) even if it were about theoretical physics.

        1. Anders – Not planning on discussing Theoretical Physics until maybe 2014….lol. Seriously…thank you, sir, for one of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever received about my voice. *smile*

          (And the rest of you readers – you might want to click on Anders’ name – he has a lovely pegging tumblr you might like…)

          1. 1. Anders’ tumblr does have some cool pictures. There’s even one really sexy drawing of a chair with no arms.

            2. Great to hear you’re not letting that journalist off the hook so easily. Be sure to go easy on him, though!

            3. Should I ever come across a particularly arrousing physics text we should totally have you record an audio version of it. The kids would buy that like crazy!!!

  2. For the first time, my wife listened to your podcast. She especially enjoyed the part where you describe how much women get turned on by the man being vocal during pegging. The more I let her know how much she is pleasuring my ass, the hotter it makes her.
    The more I communicate, the more she gets into her zone of fucking my ass! Great topic Ruby

    1. Bob – you nailed it…and she nailed you! Absolutely it is so important to vocally let your partner know how much pleasure you are experiencing. If you are shy and can’t find words (all of you readers) just moan and say “yes!” Because it is the hottest thing ever when you are doing something to your partner and it is sending them over the moon with pleasure.

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