Podcast #109


Pegging Paradise Podcast #109

❤ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome - Pegging could help! Tons of information.
❤ Ruby fucked up and called Texas conservatives bad names. Seriously.
❤ Houston, Texas, however, now has a thriving Pegging Club!
❤ PSA information - viewpoint from the owner of a healthy prostate
❤ PSA information - viewpoint from a man who had prostate surgery
❤ Her husband is super into pegging. She's "repulsed" by it. But still doing it and feeling awful.
❤ He got her to the point of using a tiny toy on him, but he's afraid to ask for anything bigger
❤ More hormonal implant information
❤ ⇓⇓Pegging Celebration Time!!⇓⇓
❤ It took two years, but she's finally there and eager to tell the story!
❤ Their first was two years ago. Finally celebrating the second!

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A Headache in the Pelvis - Book
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3D Robotic Prostate Surgery
Prostate Cancer Intimacy Support - N/A
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For Self Play
Njoy Purewand
Suction Cup Dildos
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For Raising Her Hips during Cowboy!!
Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow

That Beautiful Harness His Wife Was Wearing!

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