RodeoH Harness Problems Rectified

Ruby Ryder shares Rodeoh purple and black panty style fabric harness for pegging

RodeoH Harness History

Way back in July of 2016, when RodeoH first started making strap-on harnesses, I wrote about my experience with the poor quality of the materials used and my dissatisfaction with their product.

RodeoH Harness Update

I'm happy to say that these issues have been rectified by RodeoH. Plus I'm happy any time I get to use the word rectified, no matter how adolescent that may seem. (There is most definitely a part me that I love to keep amused with that kind of adolescent humor.)

The folx over at RodeoH have absolutely stepped up their game and improved their product. In fact I have been recommending their harnesses in my Equipment Webinars for about 3 years now.

Back when they first came out, I really wanted RodeoH harnesses to work! They are designed well, comfortable to wear, and reasonably priced; that's a valuable niche for fabric strap-on harnesses. My only complaint was regarding the quality of the materials and construction.

So RodeoH - I have no more complaints!

Let's Compare

I figured it was time to give RodeoH a shout out, recognizing the dramatic improvements they have made. Here's a side by side comparison:

Please take into consideration that both of these harnesses have been through machine washings in a garment bag. The one on the right has seen about 25 - 30 washings. The one on the left has seen maybe only 10. It's clear that the construction and materials have been changed - much improved.

The tags have been corrected - I'm sure that was done long ago.

Machine Washing Abuse!

Again - take into consideration that I have never hand washed either of these harnesses, so I suppose that my review is one about what happens if you abuse these harnesses by machine washing then in a garment bag in cold water and ignore the handwashing rule. (I just don't have time!)

And I am thrilled to say that the newer harness has had absolutely no problems whatsoever, despite the machine washing abuse!

When I compare the materials, the waistband is a different and stronger elastic, and the fabric used to make the harness is now thicker. Plus, they are obviously using a better and different lace - yay!

RodeoH Harness Ruby Ryder Recommendation!

All to say - I now recommend RodeoH harnesses without reservation. They occupy a position of high medium quality, and are the perfect choice for people who don't want to drop the money for a top of the line SpareParts harness.

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