Why I Don’t Recommend Lace Rodeoh Harnesses

Rodeoh Harnesses Question

"Hello Miss Ruby. I love reading and exploring your site! Do you have any experience with the RodeoH Panty? It looks so much more comfortable and sensual than a harness setup."

6/12/22 Update: RodeoH Harness Problems Rectified

I do, only with the lace harnesses! I had repeated (4 harnesses) issues with the lace coming apart, poor quality construction, and the fabric developing holes.

First, the first two harnesses were sent to me by the manufacturer for a review. Then on one of them the stitching came apart in the crotch area after about 3 washings. So I repaired it. Next, on both harnesses the lace threads started coming apart after about 5 washings. Manufacturer said anomaly on the stitching and apologized, and then asserted the lace was of good quality.

Prematurely, it was at that point that I recommended them on podcast #114.

I ordered 2 more harnesses, as the others were looking pretty worn (estimation of 25 washings at that point). They are comfortable, priced well, look good and are washable, so I wanted them to work.

Quality Issues

I received my other two harnesses. One of them had issues with the lace separating from the waistband after the very first washing.


At that point, I hadn't used the other harness. So since I paid for this one, I contacted the manufacturer for a refund. I emailed with pictures, including pics from the first two harnesses they gave me showing the lace threads issue. Her response: They looked like they had been machine washed. Well, yes. I was machine washing in cold water with a lingerie bag, and hanging them to dry. Then she chastised me and said I should be hand washing them! I felt silly, like I hadn't followed instructions.

I said she needed to use a better quality of elastic lace. She again asserted the quality was excellent. I told her that I had panties with elastic lace that I'd owned for over a year (and used more often than the harnesses), washed on cold in a lingerie bag and hung to dry, that didn't have any issues with threads coming apart at all.

RodeoH Harnesses Incorrect Labeling


It was at that point Tiffany pointed out that the label on the harnesses specifically says "machine wash".

I recommended these harnesses on Podcast #114, and I acted all chastised about the hand washing because the owner and I had just exchanged those emails. Tiffany had not looked at the label yet. I recalled no label dictating hand washing on the harness. I did nothing wrong. The product was mislabeled.

I did enjoy the harnesses, but they weren't well made. Rodeoh Harnesses without lace might be better, as there are a fair amount of satisfied customers out there.

Though I did get a refund for the one harness, I was really disappointed in the way the owner handled my situation. She blamed it all on me for machine washing even though the label said that. She certainly doesn't follow that axiom of the customer is always right. I frankly don't have time to hand wash and would not have bought 2 more harnesses if I'd known that was the recommended care.

Tiffany and I decided that Rodeoh lace harnesses lack the quality we insist upon, and EnticeMe.com will stop carrying them.

More Issues

About a month after that...the other harness developed holes in the fabric covering the O-ring after only 5 machine washings. It was pretty shocking. The fabric felt thin and rather unsubstantial. But yes, I continued to machine wash. Like I said, no time to hand wash. (My bad in that regard.)

If you want a comfortable and sensual fabric harness, try the Spare Parts Sasha. Exceptionally well made, and very feminine as well. Recommended without reservation! (free shipping with coupon code Ryder !)

6/12/22 Update: RodeoH Harness Problems Rectified

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