No Way Out

Masturbation Month 2022 #6 (Link to Part One)

There truly was no way out of this adventure at this point. From the moment Cynthia thrust that purple cock into his ass, Frank's legs began to tremble. His craving for this particular type of attention had been so intense for the last few weeks, that he tried some solo play. It wasn't the same; a poor shadow of the thrills he felt when Cynthia fucked him. There was an element of letting go that simply wasn't possible when he was controlling the action.

Frank arched his back to get her toy at just the right spot and swooned, moaning loudly. There it was. That was the exact sensation he'd been missing for way too long. The experience was so all-encompassing that sometimes it felt like after even a few days he needed another fucking, like it was an essential part of life. Cynthia knew he loved to be fucked, but he'd been shy to tell her precisely how much he craved it. Certainly a lot more than they indulged.

So this kitchen adventure was going to provide him with more fucking than he'd ever had at once! Every day for a week! When Cynthia told him to get the smaller toy, he'd been a little disappointed, but knew it was the smart choice. When she grabbed his apron and shoved the whole toy in at once, he understood. She knew it would hurt just a little going in that fast, because cleaning out in the shower had been his only warm up. She also knew that because she fucked him with much bigger toys at least once a month that she wouldn't cause damage.

That first shove inside did smart. But it felt good, too. She'd done that before, and he loved it. The forcefulness played into his fantasies of being taken against his will and having no say in the matter; being used for her pleasure. Well, certainly that last part was coming true tonight. No orgasm for him, but one for her! In that moment he didn't care. Pleasure was spreading throughout his hips. He felt tingly and warm and open. Vulnerable. Especially with his cock locked up.

Cynthia started right off fucking Frank hard, wringing beautiful sounds out of him that raised in pitch the longer she kept going. That was another advantage of choosing this toy; she could get bossy with it, and fuck him with a fierceness that turned her on to deliver. She hammered into him and listened to him respond. The noises she could fuck out of him during an enthusiastic pummeling of his ass reliably sent jolts of pleasure to her clit. This time was no different.

"You did such a thorough job with the kitchen, Frank. You deserve a thorough fucking. Right?"

"Oh fuck yes, Ma'am! Thank you!" Frank had a hard time getting the words out amidst Cynthia's onslaught of his ass. She was delivering some serious action tonight!

Cynthia giggled and gave his ass 10 quick hard pumps, then sunk inside him and pressed her clit against the vibe. Her orgasm wasn't too far away, and had arrived sooner than usual with all the excitement of this new adventure.

Cynthia let go of Frank's apron and reached around his chest, under the apron, grabbing his nipples and flicking them. He whimpered. This was what they always did when Frank wanted to get his cock hard again while he was getting fucked. His nipples were wired to his cock, and never failed to cause an erection. That's why Cynthia's choice of grabbing them now was rather diabolical. She wanted to test his limits with that cage on his cock. He couldn't get fully erect. So what would it be like for him? A little like torture? Yaaas! The ultimate in tease and denial. No way out. Fuckin' hot.

"Oh! Oh my God, Cynthia! Please! Please!" He was begging, but it wasn't clear exactly what for.

She teased his nipples with no mercy, hearing him whimper as his cock pressed against the cage even as his ass thrilled to her pounding. Then she sunk into him all the way and pressed hard into those vibes and felt her orgasm shoot through her, sending waves of pleasure through her clit.

"Yes! Oh fucking FUCK! Yes!" She came loud and proud, riding those waves of pleasure.

Finally she pulled back, reached under the toy and turned the vibe off. Then she relaxed against Frank's back, kissing his neck and holding him against her. He could still smell the cigar and wine on her breath. She took his cage in one hand and traced the parts of his cock that were pressing against the cage with her fingers, still intent on teasing him. And he still had no way out.

"Jesus, Cynthia!" His words had a tortured quality to them, confirming her earlier thought. She giggled and kept caressing his cock for a bit, feeling him twitch under her touch.

"I know, right?" She replied, her meaning unclear, but sounding final. Cynthia pulled out of Frank and unbuckled the harness, stepped out of it and placed it in the sink that Frank was still bent over. Then she walked away to take a shower without another word.

Part 7 - The First Night Concludes

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