Happily Bent Over the Sink

Masturbation Month 2022 #5 (Link to Part One)

Eager to be bent over the sink, Frank couldn't get to the bedroom fast enough. He returned with the leather harness and thick purple cock, offering them to Cynthia.

"No, we're going to start with the smaller one tonight, my boy. Go fetch it. And where's my vibe?"

Frank's cheeks reddened. This wasn't all about him, after all. How could he have forgotten the vibe that was going to get Cynthia off?

"Sorry Ma'am. I'll get it."

Returning with the smaller purple dildo, he placed the vibe in the hole and then fit it into her harness. He waited while Cynthia slipped off her jeans and T-shirt, leaving on her low-cut lacy black bra. Then he helped her step into the harness, pulling it up and buckling it snugly around her beautiful wide hips.

"Is the vibe charged, Frank?"

At that point, right when he heard her words, Frank felt a moment of fear. He didn't know whether it was charged or not!

"Umm... I don't know, Ma'am."

"Well you'd better hope it doesn't die before I come, or you'll get a spanking that you'll feel for days, my boy!"

More fear. Frank prayed to what ever gods or goddesses might have domain over sex toys, and mentally crossed his fingers for good measure.

Finally, after all the waiting, the moment had arrived. Frank stepped up to the counter and bent over the sink, sticking his ass out, ready and waiting.

"Aren't you forgetting something...? Unless you'd like me to shove this in your ass dry... which I don't believe was part of your fantasy."

Frank immediately ran to the bedroom, grabbed the lube, returned, and handed it to her. Fuck! He needed to get better at this if they were going to do it for 7 days straight.

"My apologies, Ma'am."

Cynthia chuckled as Frank resumed his position, once again bent over the sink and ready.

She reached between his legs and tugged on his balls again just for fun, eliciting a moan from Frank. Then she grabbed the kitchen towel hanging on the stove handle and threw it over one shoulder.

She coated the toy thoroughly with lube and then wiped her hands off, tossing the towel to the ground. Since this toy was smaller, Frank certainly didn't need any warm up to take it.

"Show me that ass, pretty boy!"

She kind of growled the words and Frank's cock jumped in its cage, immediately filling the small amount of available space. He reached back, pulled apart his cheeks and waited. His anticipation was so high that time fucked with him, and the moment fell into slow motion.

At last he felt the tip of the toy against his ass and the cool slickness of the lube.

Then Cynthia pushed and firmly slid her cock inside him, all the way to the hilt.

"Oh fuck, yes!"

The words came out of Frank before he knew it, and he pushed back against the toy, hungry for that feeling of fullness. Jesus, that felt good!

Taking care of the last detail, Cynthia reached under the toy buried in Frank's ass and turned on the vibe, finding her favorite intermittent pattern. It felt good. Then she reached up to the bow on Frank's apron and double tied the loops in a knot, just to make sure it was secure. She intended to use it for leverage. She grabbed the waistband, and got down to the business of enthusiastically fucking her pretty boy with his locked up cock, bent over the sink in a clean kitchen(!). The vibe hummed against her clit and she made yummy noises as she fucked Frank. Life was fucking good. And this was only the first night!

Part 6 - No Way Out

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