The First Night

Masturbation Month 2022 #3 (Link to Part One)

Somehow, Frank got through that day, sitting at his desk with the weight of the cage between his legs. He kept redirecting his thoughts back to work. Not an easy job when the first night of his fantasy would be happening in just a few hours. He was impatient to get home and wash those dishes! And everything that would follow. What would it feel like to get fucked with this cage wrapped around his cock? He would soon find out.

Before he even walked through the door, Frank caught the scent of the dinner Cynthia cooked up for them. As delicious as it smelled, he wished he could skip eating and go straight to the dishes part. He felt nervous. The cage pulled on his cock as insistently as it constrained it. Anticipation.

Each mouthful of the spaghetti and meatballs took him closer to the first night of his fantasy. Therefore, he had intentionally dished himself out small portions, chewed his food thoroughly, and made polite conversation with Cynthia about how the sauce was from scratch. He also squirmed in his seat, readjusted the cage about a million times and intentionally quashed his impatience.

Finally, dinner was over. Frank watched Cynthia drain the last of her wine and set the glass down.

"So here's what's going to happen, Frank..." Her words were soft and certain. Her smile betrayed her delight.

"First, you will go take a shower and clean out. Then I want your naked ass back in the kitchen, wearing the frilly apron. It's in the bottom drawer on the right. Once the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean, you'll ask me to inspect your work. If I find it acceptable, fetch the strap-on and we'll get down to business."

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you."

Frank scampered off to the shower while Cynthia poured herself another glass of wine. This was going to be epic. And it was only the first night.

Part 4 - Doing the Dishes and More

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