Plans For a Temporary Escape From the Torture

Was a temporary escape possible?

the key to a temporary escape from chastity between large breasts

Masturbation Month 2023 #12 - (Link to Part One)

Escape. That's what Frank woke up the next morning thinking. Once again, he had not slept well. Erections and cage pinching kept waking him up. He badly wanted to have an orgasm, and this was only day three. The morning of day three, to be exact.

He was not surprised to find Cynthia gone again, and the scent of coffee. He threw on his robe and shuffled off to the kitchen. There was a note next to the coffee again.

Good morning my sweet, fuckable boy. Last night was FUN. Welcome to day three! Running again.

Despite himself, Frank smiled. He wasn't at all sure how he'd get through a week of this treatment, but Cynthia was certainly thriving. She ran when she was happy, felt in control of her life, and apparently when she had control over his cock. That control was intoxicating for him on mental and emotional levels, but physically he was not at all convinced that this had been a good idea. His balls ached slightly as he went back to the bedroom with his coffee and dressed for work.

Cynthia came into the bedroom as he was tying his tie.

"Hi handsome! How are you doing? How did you sleep?" While her words were solicitous, she simultaneously threw off all her clothes and opened the drawer next to her side of the bed, taking out her favorite toy and the lube.

Frank didn't answer for a moment. Her nakedness seemed both cruel and sexy. Those two things were not mutually exclusive, right? She threw a towel down, hopped on the bed and spread her large thighs, holding the toy covered with lube. She hesitated for a moment, looking at him for a response to her questions.

"Seriously, Cynthia?! You bitch!" He laughed a little when he said the words, but Cynthia could tell Frank was struggling and she was determined not to make it any easier for him. She turned on the vibe and slipped her toy inside while he watched in disbelief, knowing he should leave, but fascinated. He loved to watch her masturbate. But not this time. She giggled.

"Bye honey!" Frank said with a glib tone and walked out of the room. He skipped breakfast because Cynthia started moaning and he could hear her from the bedroom. Eyes rolling and balls aching, he drove to work. At lunchtime he went to the bathroom and pushed some toilet paper in between the metal bars on the cage to soak up the drips from his cock.

Then he started scheming. How could he get out of this predicament? Rather than admit to Cynthia that he wanted to bail, being able to remove the cage, get off quick and put it back on would feel so good! He knew it would make everything better. He also knew there were 2 keys to the lock on his cage and one of them was on a chain around Cynthia's neck. But where was the other one? Maybe, just maybe, he could find it.

Frank made an excuse to leave work early and had about 40 minutes before Cynthia would arrive home. But his hopes were dashed as soon as he opened the garage door and saw her car. Damn it! Her work hours were rather reliable, so this was a surprise. And now he had to figure out what to tell her about why he was home early, too.

The scent of a delicious dinner surrounded him when he opened the door to the kitchen. There stood Cynthia, dressed in fetching-as-fuck lingerie and heels, cooking something up at the stove. His cock jumped in its cage, and he mentally told it to calm the fuck down. Then he silently decided to take a deep breath and just tell her the truth.

Part 13 - The Apron That Didn't Do Its Job

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 2

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