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JimSupport Sex Sling

I have owned a JimSupport Sex Sling for about 7 years now, and I have to say it's the best investment I've ever made amongst all my sexytime pegging purchases.

Sex Sling, Not Sex Swing

I called this my sex swing for the longest time. I suppose I didn't pay much attention to the word 'sling' on the website when I purchased it. Finally, some kind person on the internet (who I would give a shout out to if I could remember who it was it where I encountered them) schooled me in the difference between the words swing and sling. Swing has 2 attachments, while sling has more. Thinking about the differentiation, it seemed so obvious. So yes, this is a sling. So what are the cool things about this sex sling?

Eye Contact

When engaging in pegging with an intimate partner, I relish the ability to have eye contact. If he's a bit shy and not keen on holding my gaze, at least I want to see his face. Sustained eye contact can be intense and the anal penetration involved, indeed, everything about pegging, can feel vulnerable. I've had partners who kind of want to hide a bit, and favor a blindfold. But if I am fortunate enough to have a partner who locks eyes with me the moment I penetrate him, the expressions I find there are to be marveled at. A mixture of awe, surprise, and completely vulnerability; that expression is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Yes, this sex sling allows for easy eye contact.

No Hard Point Needed

Often when I am talking about my sling, people reply that they'd love to have one to play with, but they don't have an ability to install a hard point in their ceiling for a variety of reasons. This amazing sex sling doesn't need one! It is free-standing. The frame supports the sling and needs no other attachments.

Break it Down, Put it Away

The frame does take up a bit of room. You will need a 4' x 6' space for it when in use. But you won't need a dedicated sex room or corner; that is part of the magic of this sex sling. It's collapsible! The entire thing breaks down to a duffel bag! Seriously. The set up and break down take about 10 minutes, once you've done it a few times. So you can set it up for a night and have it gone before morning. Or for a weekend while the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's place! If you want to, you can even take it to a hotel room, as long as you have that 4' x 6' space.

The Noise Factor

When I first set up my sling, I attached the chains incorrectly and they made tons of noise! That was my error. I figured it out eventually and later discovered this handy video that helped with the assembly. Now they even offer nylon straps with D rings for practically silent use of the sling if you live in close proximity to others or have thin walls. Those straps will help with everything but your moans!

Sex Sling Versatility

You can do other sexytime things besides pegging with this frame, too. First, don't forget that either of you can be the receiver! Beyond that, the corner hooks can be useful for bondage and restraint. If you want something more secure or love to do serious rope work, the moveable bondage restraint points offer endless possibilities. They even offer an additional bar with 3 restraint points to go across the top that provides even more choices. Add self-tightening cuff restraints to the mix, and your imagination can have a party inventing a plethora of scenarios.

Two Essential Accessories

When I ordered my sling, I bought three accessories. One was the convex acrylic mirror that attaches to the underside of the top of the frame and allows the lucky person in the sling to see themselves getting fucked. Love that mirror! The receiver can watch the toy go in and out of them as they are laying relaxed in the sling - it's pretty freakin' hot. The mirror does not get in the way and is extremely adjustable.

Another accessory I am so glad I purchased is a lube holder. If you think about it, you are standing there fucking the person in the sling, so where do you put the lube? When standing, most small tables and chairs require you to bend over to reach the lube, which is inconvenient because you have to pull the toy out. The lube holder keeps it in easy reach and can go on whatever pole you choose.

The last accessory I purchased is the toy holder. While it seemed kind of cool, I discovered that I prefer to keep the toys I use covered and away from dust - plus the rack is built to hold enormous toys, bigger than I use most of the time. As a mind fuck, it could be useful (OMG, is she going to put that inside my ass?) but in my pegging world, it's unnecessary and I wouldn't buy it again.

Customizable Frame Options

There are 3 frame choices. The Classic frame holds up to 400lbs., and stands 72" tall. The Tall frame also holds up to 400lbs. and is 78" (this is the one I got because I am 6'2" in heels). The Beefy frame is weight tested to 650 lbs., 80" tall, plus wider and deeper than the other frames; suitable for serious bondage and holding more than one person.

Less Able-Bodied Givers and Receivers

Receivers are cradled in the sling with their ankles in the loops. They are spread wide and vulnerable, but still well-supported and able to relax. It can be ideal for less able-bodied receivers that struggle with other pegging positions.

Givers with bad backs or bad hips can move the sling with their hands to fuck the receiver, eliminating the need for any involvement of back or hips. Since the receiver is suspended, swinging them back forth is a piece of cake. A delicious, sexy piece of cake!

Less Effort = More Often?

When I teach, I emphasize the steep learning curve where pegging givers are concerned, and that fucking your partner is often an athletic event (depending on the position). This sex sling takes SO much of the effort out of fucking your partner. I can fuck my receivers longer, harder, and with less effort. Receivers are often looking for a way to reduce the giver's effort so that they can get pegged more frequently. This sex sling is absolutely one way to encourage that!

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  1. Wow Ruby this looks amazing. Just a perfect item to offer up ones self completely to a giver. Some of the stuff you come up with – your site rocks! x

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