Holy Grail of Pegging Lubes!!

I've been on a search for the perfect pegging lube for some time now.

I know we all have our favorites, but these are the characteristics I was looking for:

❤  vegan!
❤  Safe to use with silicone toys (seems like a no-brainer but I had to list this!)
❤  no propylene glycol
❤  no glycerine
❤  no sugar
❤  no parabens (preservative)
❤  thick enough so that it mostly stays where you put it
❤  creamy (unlike pure silicone lube)
❤  will not dry out and get sticky
❤  will last a while before needing to be reapplied - longevity

I found it!

Sliquid Silk Hybrid - Regular (but NOT the Organic). It is a combination of 88% water based lube and 12% silicone. It is creamy and silky - the texture of a skin lotion. And it cleans up with the ease of water-based lube!

The small amount of silicone is not a problem for good quality silicone toys, so it's perfect for that drawer full of dildos you have (oh, wait - that's me...lol).

If you click here, your purchase will help support my efforts to bring the word about pegging to the world!

Be sure to use the coupon code Ryder for free shipping!

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