Some Face Time For Cynthia

Masturbation Month 2023 #17 - (Link to Part One)

Frank lay there on the massage table, so in love with Cynthia at that moment. He was completely smitten. She was a fucking goddess; of that he had no doubt whatsoever. Seems that chastity play did have a few surprises after all. If he'd known something like this could happen, he would have locked up his cock a long time ago! To be sure, that was a toe-curling, eyes rolling back in his head kind of intensity. Jesus.

Frank opened his eyes again and turned to his back, smiling shyly at Cynthia. Talk about vulnerable! When your partner gives you so much pleasure that you are basically a trembling pile of speechless flesh, you can't get much more 'seen' than that. He had no idea what to say to this amazing woman in pink.

All of a sudden Frank started laughing with uncontrollable mirth. Cynthia, still standing next to the table, looked down at him and grinned, questioningly.

"Hell of a surprise, Cynthia!" He managed to get out. They both laughed for a while, and finally quieted.

"I finally got you there, didn't I." It was a statement, not a question.

"There, and then some, I'd say!" Frank replied, holding one of her hands in both of his and looking at her adoringly. "That was amazing, babe."

"Definitely looked amazing. So how are you feeling?" She queried.

"I feel better than I can ever remember feeling in my entire life." He sounded so serious but giggled after he spoke.

"Good, because now it's my turn. Off the table and onto the bed." She directed. "Face time, Frank!"

Frank looked at her in surprise and did as she asked. Face time was their code for face sitting, an activity he dearly loved. Cynthia's ample ass on his face was pure bliss. He gathered everything on the bed into the towel and placed it on the ground, clearing the playing field. Then he lay on his back waiting for whatever was coming next. Cynthia was coming next, of course. As she walked up to the bed, she gestured with her hand for Frank to arrange himself diagonally and he scooted into position.

Cynthia slipped off her pink panties, climbed onto the bed, and held the soaked crotch to his face. He inhaled deeply and licked the wetness. Unbelievably, his cock pulsed a bit. He loved her taste and scent. Frank watched her slide her fingers inside her pussy and then bring them to his mouth.

"Taste," she commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am." He sucked her fingers into his mouth. "Mmm..."

Playing with Frank's ass always made Cynthia wet, it was such a turn on. The decision to use her hands to hold the toys tonight had been a good one. When she glanced over at the clock, she'd been fucking around with Frank for over an hour and a half! That would have been difficult to pull off with a strap-on. And now she needed to come.

In Cynthia's mind, her prostate orgasm achievement clearly called for a face time celebration. She wanted to come with Frank's lips and tongue. Cynthia placed her knees on either side of Frank's head facing his feet and straddled his face. She sat down and ground her wetness into him, delighted to have something to rub her aching and eager clit against. She settled into enjoying his oral attentions and then saw his caged cock and reached for it.

Frank worshipped her clit with extra care, determined to give her the face time thrills she sought above all. She leaned over a bit, and he felt her caressing his balls. The urgency he'd felt earlier was gone, but an erection still wouldn't fit in his cage. Of course she seemed determined to get him excited again. After all her ministrations, he was surprised his cock could respond at all, but it did, pressing against the steel bars. Cynthia grabbed his cock, cage and all, and began licking between the bars. She moaned as Frank teased her clit exactly the way she loved.

Damn. That was a hell of a tease, he had to admit. Just enough warm wet contact to build anticipation and desire in his brainless cock. And his cock didn't know he couldn't get fully erect and that there would be no forthcoming satisfaction. But after his earlier release, he enjoyed the feel of the cage more, and how it held him tightly. After that orgasm, everything in the world felt good, even Cynthia's relentless teasing.

What sent Cynthia over the edge was the first moan that Frank made loud enough for her to hear, down there between her legs. She felt the vibration of it against her clit. Cynthia writhed and ground against his lips and tongue while Frank stayed still and just presented a surface to rub against. They had done this dance many times and knew their parts well. She came loudly this time, and Frank savored the sounds she made. Coming down from her peak, she rolled off Frank onto the bed on her side. So he turned around to big spoon her, snuggling into her back and wrapping his arm around her. They were quiet for a bit.

"I'm down, Cynthia." Frank said quietly, without explanation.

"What...?" Cynthia guessed his meaning but wanted to hear him say it.

"I'm down for the whole ride, the whole week, everything!" He hugged her a little. "I mean, barring some kind of serious thing with the cage or, you know, something like that..." His voice trailed off.

Cynthia put her hand behind her, between them and then gave Frank's cage a little tug.

"Excellent." Cynthia drew out the word and gave it a kiddingly evil tone. Frank laughed.

"Then I own your ass and your cock for 4... more... days."

"You absolutely do. I am all yours, babe." He smiled to himself.

Without another word they snuggled and drifted off to sleep, crosswise on the bed, and on top of the covers. The heat ran all night, keeping them warm.

Part 18 - Happy Hump Day For the Maid

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 8

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