What He Couldn’t See, He Wouldn’t Fear

He couldn't see what was coming next.

Masturbation Month 2023 May 8th - (Link to Part One)

Frank came out of the bathroom naked and relaxed. He stepped just into the bedroom and closed his eyes so he couldn't see the bed.

“Ma’am? May I make a request, please?”

Cynthia looked up from her reverie and smiled seeing Frank standing there with his eyes closed, wearing nothing but that sexy cock cage.

“Absolutely, my boy. Request away!” She was intrigued.

“Would it be okay if I keep my eyes closed for a while?” He didn’t wait for her to answer but continued. “I mean, you look incredibly sexy, Ma’am, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that sooner. And I want to see all that sexiness, but I’d like to keep my eyes closed for now. Would that be all right?” His words came out all in a rush. What he couldn't see, he wouldn't fear, Frank thought.

Cynthia got up off the bed and came over to him. She sidled up to him and caressed his ass before she answered. And when she did answer, she spoke the words soft and breathy in his ear.

“You may.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He sounded relieved.

Cynthia took his hands and led him over to the massage table.

“I want you to get up on the massage table and lay over this cushion.” She put his hands on the long bolster cushion. “You are going to lay on it lengthwise, and scoot down enough so that you have support, but it doesn’t press against your cage. Understand?”

“I do, Ma’am.” He ran his hands over the cushion and recognized it. “We've never used it this way before!” Cynthia could hear Frank’s excitement and the gears turning in his head as he imagined what was to come.

“You are exactly right, my boy.” Cynthia had lowered the massage table for easy access. Frank climbed up on it, then lay on the bolster as she instructed.

She placed soft leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles, speaking as she worked.

“You have been such a good boy.” She fastened his wrists to the ring on the end of the cushion. “You have earned this, Frank. So, I want you to relax and let me take good care of you, my love.”

Reassured, Frank turned his head to the side and let his cheek sink against the cushion. He loved restraints. They calmed him. Combined with the two Melon Balls, he felt a little fuzzy and a little lazy. Ready to lay there and simply receive his fucking, honestly. Quite the opposite of his mood when he arrived home. Subsequently, he felt Cynthia fasten his ankle cuffs to a padded spreader bar and smiled. No, he would not be closing his legs tonight. This granted her full access to his ass, his caged cock and pretty much whatever else she wanted to play with. Then she tied a soft silk scarf around his cock and tender balls and attached it to the ring on the other end of the bolster. She tied it just tight enough to be a presence, but not cause him discomfort.

After that, he expected her to just dive right into fucking him. Slowly, of course, but he hadn’t imagined anything else. Cynthia surprised him.

She kissed the back of the neck and massaged his scalp. She made yummy humming sort of noises while she attended to him, massaging his back and shoulders, moving down to his butt. But even there, she didn’t go to his hole. He was craving the sensation of feeling his ass filled up. But he was also very relaxed and enjoying all her soothing touch. Closing his eyes had been smart. He knew this about himself; when he couldn't see, he relaxed more easily.

Cynthia trailed her hands down Frank’s sides and purposefully traveled over his nipples, just accessible on either side of the cushion. She lingered there just a moment and then traveled elsewhere, soothing and massaging. She heard a slight moan with the nipple contact, but moved to his legs and feet.

Then she climbed up on the table between Frank's legs. Now his ass became the object of her attentions, as well as her intentions. She pulled apart his cheeks as she massaged, increasing his anticipation.

Then she suddenly lowered her head and buried her tongue in Frank’s ass as far as it would reach.

“Oh my God!” Frank gasped at the sudden warm, wet invasion.

“Mmm…” Cynthia continued her yummy noises and the vibration translated through her tongue just a bit, making everything even better.

She stayed there teasing and licking Frank’s ass for longer than he ever would have guessed she would. Rimming had been a part of their play before, but she was treating it like the main event tonight. In that moment, Frank was so glad he chose to stick it out and see what surprises Cynthia had in store for him, because this was an excellent surprise. He was swooning and moaning, enjoying every touch of her tongue, melting on top of the cushion, feeling the silk scarf tug gently on his balls and locked up cock. Damn.

Part 16 - Pleasure, Craving and Calm; the Magic Combination

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 6

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