Turnabout is Not Only Fair, it’s Essential

Chastity is not only fair, it's delightful! Asylum Locking Chastity Cage.
Chastity is not only fair, it's delightful! Asylum Locking Chastity Cage.

Masturbation Month 2023 #14 - (Link to Part One)

It was only fair that tonight was his turn, Frank thought. Technically fairness had not been part of the agreement. But after last night, he felt he deserved a reward. He cleared the table and made short work of the dishes. He sipped the cool green drink that Cynthia mixed for him before she disappeared down the hall into the bedroom.

Knowing he had the choice to call a halt to this fantasy helped him feel less frantic about everything. Still frustrated? Definitely. Still craving release? Absolutely. But the competitive part of him wanted to see it through. And who knew, there might be unexpected rewards yet to come. There were people on the internet who sang the praises of chastity cages. Besides, this was only day three, and Cynthia said she had something special for him tonight. Curiosity made him stay the course.

The house felt warm. His new apron floated softly over his thighs and teased his caged cock. He couldn’t feel the fabric through the cage, but he could imagine it. When this was all over, Frank planned to jerk off into this wisp of an apron and enjoy it fully. He chuckled a little at that thought and took another sip of his drink.

Cynthia pulled their massage table out of the closet and set it up. Too much time had passed since it had been out of the closet. Placing the heating pad down, she turned it on and covered everything with a sheet. Then she remembered the special bolster they got for Christmas and realized she needed that, too. She wanted Frank to be comfortable, and it presented so many possibilities!

Grabbing the bolster off the couch, Cynthia stopped by the kitchen and picked up everything on the counter that Frank had cleaned and carefully placed there the night before. He turned to look at her and she just grinned, kissed him on the cheek and left. Arriving back in the bedroom, she added it to the other items already on the bed. She was ready. No getting fucked in the kitchen tonight for her sweetheart! He was going to get the royal treatment. It was only fair.

Waiting for Frank to join her, Cynthia lay on the bed and let her mind wander. She hadn't expected this fantasy to be all that exciting for her. While she enjoyed fucking him, it certainly required effort, and every night for a week straight was a big ask. But teasing him and then using him for her orgasm brought with it unexpected inspiration. There was something about getting herself off intensely while Frank was denied release that was just so fucking hot that she found herself masturbating a couple of times a day in addition to their nightly encounter. She even found herself thinking about him sitting at his desk with his cock all locked up when she played with her toys. That was certainly a win, and a vote in favor of this new fantasy. Lavishing attention on Frank tonight was not only fair, he deserved it.

Frank looked up from the dishes when Cynthia grabbed all the toys off the counter and smiled. He realized that he hadn’t said a word about Cynthia’s stunning new outfit, after arriving home in his state of angst. He would have to remedy that soon. It was important, because she did look amazingly sexy. Frank scampered off to the shower to clean out, waving to Cynthia as he went by and glimpsing the massage table. There were many items on the bed that he chose not to linger his gaze on. He wanted to be surprised. The hot water was relaxing, and his ass appreciated the gentle attention of cleaning out. Finally, he was ready for whatever Cynthia had planned. At least he hoped he was...

Part 15 - What He Couldn't See, He Wouldn't Fear

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 5

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