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Ruby Ryder shares black couple sitting on couch watching laptop screen and smiling

On Demand Webinar for Beginners!

You have been asking for on demand webinar availability for some time – and now it’s here! The Art of Pegging for Beginners – On Demand Webinar Now available on demand, to watch privately (not on Zoom), with whomever you

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Aural erotica - Ruby shares woman in fishnets and garters pegging man face down on bed with strap-on

Best Pegging Positions

The best pegging positions depend on many factors; body type, height, fitness, and more. Here are some to try! They vary in degrees of intimacy, eye contact, cock accessibility, kissing, comfort, and giver/receiver effort required. Enjoy! Many Missionaries – to

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Pegging and Aftercare

Pegging and Aftercare

Pegging and aftercare? Yes. I am a firm believer that pegging and aftercare go together in a beautifully synergistic manner. Let me explain. What is Aftercare? The term originated in the BDSM community, and includes the things you do to

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Ruby Ryder shares woman in black lace bodysuit, black strap-on with large black dildo

Podcast #287 Greets the New Year!

Podcast #287 Greets the New Year! He sends fan mail! Encouraging pegging with his wife plus CD and ED issues He has lube and harness questions He has questions about the angle of toy vs rectum She checks in 5

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The Introduction to Pegging

Podcast #112 – The Introduction

Podcast #112 for the Givers The Introduction The introduction of the concept of pegging is the hardest part for most hopeful receivers. Broaching the subject with their partner often requires courage and communication. That’s exactly the situation that this podcast

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Podcast #286 completes 2021 with a pic of black leather-clad brunette wearing large black strap-on

Podcast #286 Completes 2021!

Podcast #286 completes 2021 with style! Enjoy the pegging celebration stories, and everything else this episode has to offer. Happy New Year! Movember ends with Bodacious Tatas! New Article – Stigma of Big Toys Comment on ED issues from #279

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eye roll frowning face as a reminder about sexualizing

A Reminder About Sexualizing

Why do we need a reminder about sexualizing? After having recently received a spate of emails and messages that go into detail about some type of sexual encounter between the person who sent the message and me, I feel the

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Ruby Ryder shares photo of her breasts wearing a blue lace low cut bra

Bodacious Tatas for Movember!

Bodacious Tatas for the win! I promised to share photos of The Girls if I reached my fundraising goal. I did indeed, thanks to you generous donors! Thank you from the bottom, top and entirety of my heart. Bodacious Tatas

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Ruby Ryder shares photo of large realistic dildo with ball for pegging

Big Toys and Stigma

There’s this weird thing about guys who do big toy play. Sexual Stigma Reminds me of the stigma of a woman who has sex with a lot of men. (I believe the current phrase for that is ‘body count’. I

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Movember ushers in #285

Movember Ushers in Podcast #285

Pegging Paradise Podcast #285 Movember Ushers in… Trigger Warning: talk of suicide Movember ushers in thoughts of masculinity, mean’s health, men’s mental health and the Movember Foundation! This podcast is full of personal shares from men who have struggled with

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Into your mailbox, blonde with schoolgirl skirt wearing white strap-on with enormous purple dildo

Into Your Mailbox Falls Podcast #284

Into your mailbox and straight to your ears? Are you one of those people who gets your notification that a podcast was delivered into your mailbox, and you immediately queue it up? Or do you save them to savor later?

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with purple hair pegging man laying face down on bed

Presenting Podcast #283

Pegging Paradise Podcast #283 Presenting Podcast #283 for your listening pleasure! He wants to be slut shamed; she needs suggestions He masturbated with anal play in front of her, and has feels about it Trying to get his wife on

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