A Harness to Hold the Big Ones!

Large toys, the really big ones, can bring so much pleasure and fun, but they are notoriously hard to fit into a regular strap-on harness. And there is something so intense, powerful, and delightfully wild about strapping on a huge toy and sliding it into your partner, while they moan and squirm with bliss.

The sensation of being penetrated with a large toy while you relax and just receive can be extraordinary. No effort on your part beyond opening up and accepting it all, reveling in the delicious stretch and full sensation. Incomparable. And that Vagus nerve stimulation can offer thrills experienced no other way! Check out my Advanced Pegging Webinar for more information about wider and longer insertions.

What to do about the harness issue? Most harnesses simply are not made for the big ones. Not even close!

Well, you can simply take 2 scarves and create Midori's scarf harness to hold the big ones, or...

Carmen Rivera contracted with an Italian leather company to create this (vegan leather) harness, specifically designed for huge toys. Comes (pun intended) with O-rings sized 1.5"(3.81cm), 2.3"(5.84cm) and 3.1"(7.87cm). Two larger O-rings 4.1"(10.41cm) and 4.9"(12.44cm) available for you true size kings! Fits waists 27.5"(69.85cm) to 47.2"(119.88cm).

Receivers - Just imagine...laying back and feeling your partner slowly push that toy inside you, just as much as you can take and a little more, enough to make you swoon.

Givers - Just imagine pushing that huge toy inside your partner, marveling at the sounds they make as it slides home, and the way their cock drips with desire. There's nothing like it!

Here's where you can find the Carmen Rivera Harness- search for 'Carmen'!

And have fun with your big toys - I admire your devotion and accomplishments in the world of larger, longer insertions!

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