Aromatic Proposition at the Munch

Aromatic proposition - man spraying cologne on wrist with naked torso visible

Never having received an aromatic proposition, this was a new experience for me! Let me set the stage.

One of my favorite things is a public meeting of kinky people, also called a munch. What do I enjoy about munches? I love the way casual conversations can easily include what kinks you have, what your sexual orientation is, what your pronouns are, etc. I delight in how open many people are about subjects that are taboo for the rest of society.

'How do you identify?' That's the easy, all-inclusive question I like to ask.

My answer to that question would be straight, cis, ethically non-monogamous, and a dominant sensual sadist. See how much information the questioner gets? Nice.

So a couple of nights ago there I was, the host of a well-attended munch at an always-friendly gay bar, enjoying that extra level of openness. I met and greeted two newcomers, making conversation. One of them was a well-spoken and rather dashing gentleman. While the three of us talked, I caught a persistent delicious scent of some kind.

Finally I asked them both, "Okay, who is it that smells so good?"

Dashing man presents a wrist and I sniff to see if it's him. Yes! He told me it was amber. No wonder I was so captivated by the scent; it's one of my very favorites. He spoke briefly about essential oils versus perfumes and how he always chooses the former because it reacts with each person's skin a little differently. At least that what I think he said. The headiness of the scent in that moment may have affected my memory of the words spoken. As host, I was pulled away all too quickly from the conversation before I was able to ask my favorite question. I would have guessed dashing man as dominant from the way he was dressed, but that scent told a more complicated story.

It was a delightful munch. Finally it was time for me to leave. I began saying my goodbyes, many with hugs because I am a hugger. When I reached dashing man, I asked if I could smell his wrist one more time. He presented it and I inhaled all of the delicious, warm, sweet scent I could, and made a yummy noise.

When we hugged goodbye he said in my ear, "You know I would coat my entire body with that if you would peg me."

Laughter came out of me reflexively as we pulled apart. I have never received a more blatant, unabashed, somehow respectful...and arousing proposition.

"Well, we might have to talk!" I replied, smiling. And I totally meant it...

If someone left that comment on a public forum, they would have received my backlash and admonition not to sexualize a stranger. But in person, from a man I had already noticed, during a consensual hug, spoken softly in my ear...? Yum.

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