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Ruby Ryder shares art of woman pegging man restrained to bed in BDSM

The First Time

Brian experiences a few “firsts” in his spontaneous encounter with the lovely Lani Cooke. She is a bit more than he bargained for, but he is not complaining. Discover what happens when a man can’t say no…
This story is for anyone who has ever found another truly irresistible. Even if the timing is not right…even if you know you should say “No”. Sometimes those stories have happy endings.
5,900 words

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Hard Times at the Hotel

I wrote this piece a number of years ago in response to a question on a dating website which asked: “Describe your favorite fantasy”. After posting it on my profile, men came out of the woodwork who offered me such sweet affirmation that my previously closeted kinks would be very well received out of the closet….sometimes in the form of “Oh my God! Oh my God! Do me! Do me!”
1,400 words

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Just For Starters

Don’t let the length of this story fool you…it will have you reaching for your privates so quickly you will be astounded. Undeniably HOT. This man arrives at a hotel room to find his Mistress a little impatient…
Established couple. Dominance/submission theme.
1,100 words

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A Cock For Pet

Must a woman be dominant to peg her guy? Conversely…must a man be submissive to get pegged? Master and Pet will challenge your assumptions…big time.
A role reversal within a role reversal. Definite dominance/submission theme.
3,800 words

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Power Play

Nash is a man in complete control of his world…until Amanda shows up. She plays a little rough and he loves every second of it. Nash tries hard to follow her rules. He succeeds…most of the time. Even when he fails…it’s a win-win.
Established couple with dominance/submission play.
6,200 words

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What happens during an erotic rendezvous between a lustful and sensual couple when there is no place for words? Carl and Julianne find out one rainy evening. An unexpected and inarticulate voice pipes up and fills the silence.
This story definitely has lascivious leanings as well as humor!
5,700 words

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Stranger Things Have Happened

Ever want to fuck a complete stranger? Vanessa did. What’s a loving husband to do? Kevin comes up with a plan but it’s anyone’s guess whether he can pull it off…and whether the stranger can take it all in…
This lengthy story reminds me of a VERY X-rated romance novel. A lot of action.
10,800 words

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Ruby Ryder shares art of woman pegging man restrained to bed in BDSM

Lessons in Lust

A more mismatched pair would be hard to find. But wicked and wanton Julie has what the tense and uptight Ben wants and needs… and he’s constantly wondering if the price she makes him pay is worth it.
Think Pink (the singer) meets Jon Stewart (The Daily Show).
5,800 words

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Ruby is Teaching a Class!!!

I am taking my show on the road a bit…this class in California on Feb 13th and one in Denver on March 2nd. Here’s the official announcement for California!!! Ruby Ryder – “The Pleasures of Pegging” • When: Sunday February

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Ruby Ryder shares art of woman pegging man restrained to bed in BDSM

For Your Viewing Pleasure…

I am finding examples of “3-D art” here and there on the web…this is a sizzling hot example. The tension and ecstasy and passion in this piece is mouth watering! (If this is your art, I would love to credit

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Ruby Ryder shares Dan Savage - sex advice columnist and creator of the word pegging

Savage Love on MTV?

Followers of my blog have heard me talk about Dan Savage before. He was instrumental in the creation of the word “Pegging”. I attribute my “coming out” into the world with my pegging kink and pegging stories to Dan –

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