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Ruby Ryder shares man face down over couch receiving pegging from woman behind him wearing strap-on

Podcast #282 – Have Issues, Want Advice

Pegging Paradise Podcast #282 Want advice – When he asks for what he wants, she shuts him down She struggles with self-confidence and the learning curve He speaks eloquently about opening up and submission She understands her husband more after

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with tan marks woman wearing strap-on for pegging

Podcast #281 Pops Up Like Magic!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #281 Ruby shares a few (more) thoughts on Pegging and Orientation Relax, Respond, and React got him to his first HFO! She shares her views on what makes a good bottom! He’s on his butt path, pegging

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Ruby Ryder shares woman in corset, fishnets and black boots with long strap-on for pegging.

#280 – The Need For Receiver Aftercare

Pegging Paradise Podcast #280 The need for receiver aftercare and what it can look like He’s a newbie at prostate stimulation. First time kind of freaked him out. We all just want to be loved and accepted Articles and Information

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with long hair pegging man with strap-on in reverse cowboy

Podcast #278 – On Being a Good Bottom

Givers! I would love to hear from you – In your pegging world, what makes a good bottom? Of course it’s very individual for each giver and each couple. So tell me, what does your receiver do/not do to make

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Ruby Ryder shares couple in black latex. woman wearing black strap-on, man on hands and knees

Reduced to a Sex Thing in One Sentence

Women that peg and eat ass are wife material. I came across this comment on Reddit and definitely had a reaction. Ack! Why does this comment, and ones like it, bother me so much? To me, it feels so reductive,

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Entice Me Order Shipping Delay

Wondering where your Entice Me order is? This post is to let you know that Tiffany is dealing with family emergency stuff, and shipping has been delayed. She will soon be shipping out your Entice Me orders! So if you

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What the Hell is Happening, Ruby?

What the hell is happening, indeed! I wish I could give you a precise answer. Let me do the best I can. Rambling, introspective share to follow… So it’s early June. Masturbation May 2021 just happened. I started off pretty

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Ruby Ryder shares vibrating butt plug with remote

I Said, That’s Not What I Want

“That’s not what I want.” My statement was so direct, it could not have been mistaken for anything else. I’d said it quite clearly. What the hell was he thinking? Asking me to play with his ass…what the fuck? I’m

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Ruby Ryder shares Woman wearing strap-on pegging man with his hand on his penis

The Shyness of Being Seen

Part Six – The Shyness of Being Seen Being seen on a deep level is unsettling for you. Now that I’ve flipped you over, you see my intentions, and I can almost feel you internally letting go, the better to

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Ruby Ryder shares gif of tattooed man face down being pegged by woman with strap-on

Two Weeks of Fond Memories

Part Five – Two Weeks of Fond Memories Oh, Lordy, while we are on that subject, I have never met a man who enjoys being fucked as much as you do! We moved in together after we’d been dating for

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