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Sales of Pegging Equipment Soar

Difficult New Normals This pandemic has brought some interesting changes, hasn’t it? One of the unexpected ones was what happened with sales of pegging equipment. Let’s start at the beginning. We’ve all had to adapt in ways we never could

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Ruby Ryder shares couple showing how the versatile Liberator Whirl can be used for pegging positioning

The Versatile Liberator Whirl – Pillow Play

The Versatile Liberator Whirl presents a myriad of pleasure-enhancing possibilities for sexy times with pillow play. You will never reach for a regular pillow during sex again! Let me tell you how I put the Liberator Whirl through its paces,

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Pegging Paradise Podcast #270

Movember Link to Donate How I Teach Webinars The Man Box My story about Frank My first awareness of the Man Box An eloquent share about the Man Box What can Men do? What can Women do? Reading from The

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Ruby Ryder shares woman wearing black boots, fishnet bodysuit and strap-on with black dildo

Pegging Paradise Podcast #269

Pegging Paradise Podcast #269 He writes back with more thoughts about cum eating A Taste Tester shares his journey He takes it to the level of pre-cum in a shot glass! His story about coming to terms with his love

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Collage Tattooed Dildo Collection!

This Iron Roses Collage Tattooed Dildo is a show stopper! That is why when Tiffany asked if there were any other toys I wanted to offer through, this one caught my eye. How could it not? So far in

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with corset and strap-on POV from spread legs and penis

Pegging Paradise Podcast #268

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #268 A reaction to Aussie Man’s story (#266) from another Aussie Man! His review of the We-Vibe Vector app-controlled Prostate massager My adventures with the We-Vibe Vector Pegging Celebration Time! They communicate, work through some

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Distance Chastity Play That’s SAFE!

Cellmate Catastrophe With the news about the Cellmate that came out recently, that anyone can hack into the device and lock up a cock permanently, I suspect there are many of you out there still searching for some kind of

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Ruby Ryder shares man in chastity cage being penetrated with strap-on dildo

Pegging Paradise Podcast #267

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #267! (Long Overdue) Pegging Celebration Time! They are edging into anal play on him and he’s excited! Pegging happened! He has questions about making his GF come He wants his wife to have more pleasure

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Ruby Ryder shares black and white photo of a captive cock in chastity cage - day two!

Locktober – Month of the Captive Cock

Captive Cock? Yum. Two words that have me paying attention right off the bat; cock and captive. Nice. Because I do so enjoy cocks, and making a man my captive thrills me as well. We are off to a fabulous

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Pegging Paradise shares woman with strap-on pegging man face down on bed

Pegging Paradise Podcast #266!

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #266 Pegging Celebration Time! He shares his story of their long, and finally successful, pegging journey He waxes poetic about men who like pegging not being gay Celt lass tells story of how she found

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Ruby Ryder shares topless brunette with stockings and strap-on for pegging

Podcast #265

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #265 Response to Manly Man’s Man letter (podcast #264) Listener offers review of two toys!! (Godemiche Adam & Strap-On-Me Vibrating Double) He shares about pegging, with & without a prostate She feels betrayed by his

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