Ordering Thai Food #CovidLife

Thought process and experience tonight around ordering takeout food.

  1. Household pod really craving Thai food. We have not ordered takeout since being on lockdown; feels risky.
  2. But...been a tough day for us all; we want a treat.
  3. But the person preparing the food could have the virus...
  4. Weighing the risks...The virus hasn't hit here hard yet, so the risk that the person preparing the food contaminates it is less now, than if we order takeout food a couple of weeks from now, when the Thai food craving intensifies.
  5. Really, really craving Thai food.
  6. We start looking at menu. Pretty much decide risk is worth it, since we are still looking at menu 20 minutes later.
  7. Consider menu items we've never tried.
  8. Discussion about choosing an untried menu item. What if we don't like the new choice, AND get sick? Then it SO won't have been worth it! It needs to be worth it. We decide to stick to known menu items.
  9. Discussion about how much to order. If we are going to take this risk, we might as well order a crapload of Thai food and eat it for days and really make it worth the risk.
  10. Discussion about which dishes would keep in the fridge optimally over a few days.
  11. Restraint applied in that we order only three dishes apiece instead of four. Four seems excessive, though these measures are quite arbitrary and more related to how long the food will keep in the fridge.
  12. Thai ice teas ordered all around, because they mix very, very well with Vodka.
  13. Order placed, on speakerphone, so that we can all hear the heavily accented read back and confirm accuracy. There are many details (no bell peppers, varying spice levels, no onions, etc.). Sounds good.
  14. Retriever of Thai food leaves with no mask or gloves; perhaps too excited about Thai food, or just not used to this new reality we live in.
  15. All workers at restaurant wearing masks and gloves.
  16. Worker at restaurant makes a side comment about maybe the police might start requiring people to wear masks. Retriever feels self-conscious and embarrassed because of lack of mask.
  17. Retriever returns with $140 of Thai food.
  18. And there is, after all that, much rejoicing, indulging and consumption.
  19. Right now? It was very much worth it.
  20. Ask me 14 days from now.


3 Responses

  1. Please continue to support those restaurants you love…..they need the biz……you will be safe if they are wearing PPG and taking basic sanitary precautions. We can only drive on certain days and we have some meals delivered.

  2. We’re too scared to try ordering any takeout or delivery.

    We’re both stuck at home but we just built a new home with a fancy gourmet kitchen. I do most of the cooking so the kitchen was really for me. I’m lovin it! My wife always compliments my cooking and tells her friends/family how spoiled she is.

    Hope all are well.

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