Here it is! Presenting Podcast #300 Part Two!

Podcast #300
Soft Cock Week is Coming!

Podcast #300 Part 2, where Michelle and I continue the conversation talking about responsive desire, celebrating people's no, and more. We explore touch, awakening the prostate, foreplay in solo anal exploration, and giving yourself permission. And don't forget, Soft Cock Week is coming again November 5 - 11, 2023! There are so many subjects around soft cocks that we discuss. Even how the word cock seems to be more favored by one racial demographic - with no studies to prove it!



Michelle and I go down a bunch of rabbit holes (pun always intended) in part 2 of podcast #300. She explains about responsive desire, and how understanding what your accelerators and your brakes are can be so important for couples to explore with each other. Then we explore Soft Cock Week (Michelle's creation!) from a variety of different perspectives. Check out the website - there are a collection of writings there from the inaugural 2022 celebration.

Again, I want to thank you for downloading and listening, and for your support. I believe that because of my efforts, and by extension, your efforts, too, that we have significantly reduced the shame often felt by receivers of pegging. We have also corrected the misconceptions and myths attached to this delightful sexual activity. More people than ever are exploring pegging. The wave of interest has not slowed. If anything, it has increased. Those of you here learning, exploring, and discovering all of the pleasures pegging can offer, you are absolutely surfing that wave, and I congratulate you!

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