He Wants to See the Toy That Thrilled Her

Frank and Cynthia's story continues, and so can your masturbation!

June 1st 2023 #22 - (Link to Part One)

They laid in silence for a bit. Quiet but for the heavy breathing.

“Do you like your new toy, Ma’am?”

“Mmm… I do.” Cynthia’s words were slow and deep.

“Can I see the toy, Ma’am?” Frank petitioned again, despite his better judgement. He really wanted to know what was buried in his ass, and what just sent Cynthia to orgasm land in record time.

No, Frank!” She sounded slightly annoyed. “You’ll see it soon enough. Right now, you just lay there while I fuck you. That’s all I need you to do.”

Yum. She was playing into his desire to be treated like a thing. They’d talked about this before.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Frank willed himself not to move, though his ass wanted to dance against her cock. He would be her thing, for her pleasure.

Slowly Cynthia started moving again, still buried in Frank’s ass, and just pushed against the toy. She tested her readiness to resume and found an eagerness there. Time to go for number two.

This time Cynthia raised a bit and started fucking Frank with long, hard strokes that she wondered whether he could take. She trusted him to tell her; he could be depended upon to call red when the situation warranted it. But Frank did not interrupt her aggressive owning of his ass. He was a thing. It thrilled him to just lay there and take it.

But he did make noises. Whimpers every time that toy went deep enough to touch that magic spot. He couldn’t control those noises if he wanted to, and he didn’t.

Cynthia pressed the remote and adjusted herself so that the vibes were in just the right spot on her clit; not too much but just enough. Oh, yeah. Her clit was sensitive from her first orgasm, but the vibes also felt perfect, and she knew she was going to come again. That second orgasm felt like it was there whenever she wanted it, depending on how she pressed against the toy. She was riding the line. So, she decided to fuck with Frank, and turned on his vibe.

With this toy, whatever power you set one vibe at applied to all of them, so Frank’s vibe came on strong and abrupt. No warning.

Woooow! Cynthia! Oh my God!” Frank’s reaction was immediate and loud. He completely forgot the not moving idea and started bucking against her cock.

Cynthia laughed. “You like that, slut boy?” She teased him.

Yes Ma’am! Oh! Yes!” More whimpering.

Jesus Christ the whimpering. What was it about whimpering that drove her crazy? She fucked Frank even harder and heard his sounds go up at least half an octave. Damn.

Frank was, as they say, beside himself. What trickery was this? The vibes of this toy were much stronger than anything he could recall ever being in his ass. Almost too much. But in a pleasurable way; kind of overwhelming, but not painful. The magic spot Cynthia’s cock has touched earlier was where the vibes were, and it felt fucking incredible.

Frank stopped bucking and didn’t want to move; didn’t want to risk changing anything in that moment, just so all that pleasure would stay, would continue. From someplace far away he knew he was making noise, but the vibe was at the center of his being, forcefully occupying most of his awareness.

His pleasure, however intense, was to be short-lived. Cynthia’s second orgasm was imminent. Those whimpers were the culprit. No longer walking that line, she was now racing up to another peak of exquisite pleasure. When Frank opportunely stopped moving, it allowed her to finesse the contact of those vibes against her clit perfectly, getting just enough stimulation to have her whimpering. Usually, her second orgasm was a little weaker, but not this time!

Cynthia rode the unending waves of pleasure until she couldn’t take anymore. Her clit was too sensitive. She turned off all the vibes with the remote, and rested against Frank, who was trembling underneath her. After a significant silence, he was the first to speak.

“Fuck me!” An expletive rather than a request, his meaning was clear.

“…Right?” Cynthia replied softly. She slipped his blindfold off.

Then they both started laughing, and Frank inadvertently pushed the toy out of his ass, causing them to laugh even more. When their hilarity ceased, Frank spoke.

“Ma’am?” Tentatively.


“Can I see the toy, now?” Another burst of laughter from them both. They had the giggles.

“Yes, my boy. You can not only see the toy, you can clean it, too.” Chuckling, she slowly rolled off Frank in the direction his head was turned. He glimpsed the large pink cock, rigidly sticking out from her harness. The angle was remarkable.

“Check this,” Cynthia said. She stood next to the bed and took off the harness, arching her hips back to dislodge the pink miracle toy from inside her. She freed the dildo and held it up so Frank could see the toy. That’s when he saw the other end.

“Oh! Nice. We talked about getting one of those.”

“We did indeed. Did you like the vibes on your end?”

“Seriously? You need to ask? With all the noise I made? And you went for two! Seems it was a big hit for both of us. Emphasis on the word big.” Frank smiled, staring at the toy, and still laying there handcuffed to the cushion.

“I got the XL just for you, sweetie. Not as thick as last night’s toy, though longer.”

“Yes! That thing was so deep in me. It touched a different spot. I don’t know what it was, but it already felt good and then you turned on those fucking vibes and it was amazing.”

Cynthia unfastened Frank’s cuffs and let him loose, but he still didn’t move.

“Gonna rinse off, and when I come back, gonna climb right in bed and pass out. Make sure it’s ready for me. I don't want to see the toy still laying there. Got it?" Cynthia gestured at the toy and harness she'd left on the bed.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She padded off to the bathroom and he heard the water turn on.

One more time, while he cleaned up, he took stock. During all that excitement, he’d practically forgotten about his locked-up cock. But the large wet spot of pre-come told a slightly different story. He quickly changed the bedspread, and threw the wet one in the laundry basket. This experience was different from last night. Instead of waves of pleasure all over his body, this was more of a localized hot spot of wild intensity.

Being used by Cynthia left him feeling slutty and proud. Proud that he could take what she dished out. His ass was still quite sore from his punishment. No surprise there. And his happy hole was a little sore, too! Day four concludes, Frank smiled to himself.

Part 23 - The Fifth Day Was Full of Reminders

Masturbation Month is over, but the story continues!

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