Frank is Hungry For More, But Cynthia Has Plans

Hungry for more Ruby Ryder shares close up of clit sucking part of  Strap-On

Masturbation Month 2023 #21 - (Link to Part One)

“Deep breath.” Cynthia commanded Frank, and slowly withdrew the plug from Frank’s ass.

Along with it went the delightful feeling of fullness. His caged cock felt heavy, hanging down past the end of the cushion. His ass was hungry for more and for something bigger. That wish was about to come true, unbeknownst to Frank.

Last night was all about him, Cynthia thought, but tonight was for her. Not only did she expect to come while fucking Frank, but she hoped to come more than once. That had never happened while using a strap-on. And if she could, this toy was the one that might get her there. Her brief trial run earlier had blown her mind at the intensity of sensation available with a click of the remote.

On her knees, she moved into position behind Frank and pushed his legs further apart. Her cock was going right in his ass without further ado, she decided.  But she would be patient; the toy was thick… and this was only day four. Finnicky and extended foreplay was not on the menu tonight. Consequently, Frank would just have to deal.

“Okay, my butt slut boy, open up!” She dripped cold lube onto his puckered hole, eliciting a gasp. Then she slathered it all over her cock.

Frank had been expecting a little more preparation. Then he remembered that to expect anything when playing with Cynthia was an exercise in futility. She often sprung surprises on him, and in truth, he loved it.

Frank did as he was told. He relaxed against the cushion, and concentrated on opening his ass for whatever Cynthia was fucking him with tonight. He felt her press the toy against him and push it in a little. With the blindfold on, he had no idea what was about to go inside him. Déjà vu from last night.

“Is your ass ready for another fucking, Frank?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Quite ready!”

“Hungry for more fucking, even after all that attention last night?”

“Hungry for more because of all that attention last night, Ma’am.”

Cynthia chuckled.

“Good. You’re going to be here for a while, so settle in for a long ride. Right now, what I want you to do is slide back onto my cock at your own pace. And don’t be an impatient little slut about it!” She chastised him, “Take your time and remember your ass gets fucked for 3 more nights after tonight. Got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I understand.” Frank took her seriously. The last thing he wanted to do was miss out on another 3 nights of ass ravishment by Cynthia. No, Ma’am.

Whatever was going inside him felt thick, but he really couldn’t tell. That was the mind fuck of blindfolds. Anticipation, how relaxed he was, and how hungry for more he was all seemed to combine to alter reality, sometimes significantly. He worked at allowing the invasion of her cock and staying a mind space of being hungry for more.

Finally, the toy was inside him all the way. He rocked back and forth against it, fucking himself a little, and felt Cynthia’s thighs against the back of his legs.

“Good boy! Well done.” She grabbed his hips and pressed into him all the way and he made a yummy noise.

“Mmm… Is this a new toy, Ma’am?”

“Your very fine and cuter than hell ass can discern subtleties, I see! Yes, it’s new.”

“Can I see it?” Frank asked, his voice dripping with eager enthusiasm and excitement. So many new things this week! Again, he felt special.

“No. But thanks for asking.” Cynthia laughed. “Let me know when you want me to start fucking you and be sure you are ready for me. I’m in an energetic mood tonight, my sweet.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Frank moved back and forth while Cynthia stayed still. He tested out the fit and feel of this new toy. Everything was comfortable and, yes, his ass was still hungry.

“You have the green light, Ma’am,” Frank said. “May I have another fucking, please?”

Cynthia smiled. Frank could be so damn cute sometimes.

“You may!”

She took a bit getting used to the angle and feel of her new cock. Then she began fucking Frank in earnest. Long, slow regular strokes that immediately had Frank’s ass buzzing with excitement.

Finally! Filled up again!

She laid down over Frank and didn’t let up on her assault. Her thrusts were slow, but hard. This was heaven. Intoxicating to be taken so forcefully. Frank was thankful the toy wasn’t too long because she was going for it. He moaned with each stroke.

And what exactly was Cynthia going for? That first orgasm. But first she intended to warm up, find a rhythm, and get to know the toy. With that goal accomplished, she picked up the remote. There were three vibes in this toy. One for her clit, one inside her, and one inside Frank. So many possibilities!

First, she turned on the one inside her, found a nice pulse and turned it on high. Then she resumed impaling Frank. These double toys were the bomb! She felt even more connected to him, and his moans delighted her.

Frank felt the echoes of the vibe running down the shaft buried in his ass. He loved knowing she was getting off. He was so lucky to be with a woman who not only loved fucking him but got off doing it.

“Oh!! I like that, Ma’am. It has vibrations for you!” Cynthia laughed. He was going to lose it when she turned his vibe on. If she did.

But right now, that took a distant second to her own mission. She relaxed her body laying on top of Frank, her cock buried inside him. Then she turned on the clit vibe and was once again quite surprised.

Holy Fuck! She’d never tried those toys called clit suckers. Sounded painful to her. But this? This was a fucking miracle of pleasure dancing on her clit and bringing thrills to her pussy as well. And although she’d tried the toy out briefly before Frank came home, this was so much more intense. She took it all in for a moment. There she was, laying over her favorite man, buried in his ass, which was still hot and red from his beating. His cock was all locked up and he was moaning deliciously. Damn.

Cynthia pressed deeper into Frank over and over, in time with the pulse of the vibes. She felt her orgasm approach, a scant few minutes from when she’d turned the toy on.

Whose ass is this, Frank?” She thrust into him forcefully.

Yours, Ma’am! All yours!” He could tell by Cynthia’s voice and the way she was fucking him that she was close. Her hips were doing a dance on top of him, using him to get off.

That idea was hot to Frank; used for her pleasure. It never failed to excite him. It was the opposite of his daily experience of being in charge at work every day. And for some reason, it was even more exciting when his needs weren’t even taken into consideration. That was a fierce turn on.

“That’s right!” Cynthia said roughly, “And I’m going to use it any way I like for three… more…days!” She pushed against the vibe to emphasize her words, sinking her cock further into Frank’s ass.

The end of the toy touched a spot inside Frank that brought a new, hard to describe sensation. Different, magnificent, and intense! A noise came out of him unbidden that was a mixture of pain and pleasure, loud and sustained. Her cock had touched such a deep place inside him. He swooned.

That’s all it took for Cynthia, that sound. She rode her toy hard and peaked exquisitely.

“Yes! Yes!” Finally, she turned off the vibes and rested atop Frank.

One down. And now she was hungry for more.

Part 22 - He Wants to See the Toy That Thrilled Her

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 20

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