A New Toy Awaits After Frank’s Punishment

Ruby Ryder presents this new toy for pegging giver satisfaction

Masturbation Month 2023 #20 - (Link to Part One)

The new toy looked impressive; Cynthia had to admit. Frank knew nothing about her latest acquisition. She’d kept it hidden ever since it arrived in the mail.

This was a different kind of toy, one that she’d never tried before. It had two ends, one that fit inside her and the other that would go inside Frank. The main reason she wanted to try it was because it had a special clit stimulator. The name of the toy included the words ‘multi orgasm’, which certainly sounded promising.

Cynthia had already given it a test run before Frank got home and it exceeded her expectations. The clit stimulator was even better than the vibes she used. She chose the extra-large size on impulse, and hoped Frank would be able to handle it. It was not as wide as the toy she used on him last night but was still girthy.

Cynthia selected the blindfold and pulled the towel back over everything else so Frank couldn’t see. She admired her handiwork; Frank’s ass was a bright red, with a few deeper red marks here and there. In view of those marks, he’d be feeling this at work tomorrow, sitting at his desk… with his caged cock. Her pussy clenched thinking about it.

“Okay, my boy. Stand up.”

Frank got up off her lap a little unsteadily, then turned and faced Cynthia. Pre-come was dripping from his caged cock, straining in its metal prison. Still sitting on the bed, she caught it with her fingers and held it up to him.

“Taste, Frank. Taste how excited that beating made you! Well, and the plug, too,” she giggled. “That locked up cock of yours; he’s all ready to go, isn’t he?”

 “Yes, Ma'am, he is.” Flushed and bright-eyed, Frank opened his mouth, took Cynthia’s fingers in, and proceeded to suck off the slippery, salty pre-come.

“Well, he’ll just have to stay locked up, because it’s your ass that’s going to get all the attention again tonight. Didn’t you explain that to him?”

Frank laughed. Without waiting for his reply, Cynthia grabbed his cage, and spoke to his cock.

“Three more days, buddy!” Then she licked him a few times through the bars again, ensuring his tortured cock would continue to attempt the impossible; an erection in the cage. Frank moaned softly.

“Thank you, Ma’am, for my punishment. In the future I will ask permission before I wear your panties.”

“You’d better,” came her terse reply. She let go of his cage and handed him the blindfold.

“Put that on.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Frank slipped the silky fabric over his head and adjusted it for comfort.

“Stay,” she commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Cynthia cast off her robe, took the panty harness and deep pink toy from the collection on the bed, and fit them together. This should be fun! She stepped into the harness and pulled it up. She was already quite wet from beating Frank, so the bulb slipped into her easily, filling her pussy. Nice. The new toy stuck out in a wonderfully obscene manner from her crotch. Her cock, in her favorite color!

Frank stood there quietly, with his hands rubbing his hot, sore ass. He heard rustling sounds and wondered what was coming next. Hopefully he would be coming next! He smiled at his own joke. The endorphins from his beating gave him a happy buzz, like the plug in his ass, he thought, though it was no longer buzzing.

Deprived of sight, heightened anticipation took over as Frank strained to hear what Cynthia was up to. Surprised at his continued eagerness to get fucked again, he noticed a faint sadness that this would only last a week. A sadness that hadn't been there until now. With this in mind, he wondered if he could handle it for two weeks. Then he wondered if Cynthia would ever be willing to agree to that. The work that she continued to put into this adventure was considerable. Sure, she was getting pleasure too, but it was a lot, and he recognized that.

“Okay, pretty boy, I need you on the bed.” Frank was excited to hear her words.

He felt Cynthia take his hands and guide them to the edge of the bed. She helped him lay lengthwise on their long bolster again, and then cuffed his hands and secured them to the end of it. She left his legs free this time.

As Frank settled onto the pillow, he took stock of his body once again. His butt cheeks were throbbing and delightfully hot. His cock was complaining about being caged; that hadn’t changed. But his ass wasn’t complaining at all, it was happy. Happy to be filled with the plug, and eager to be fucked. He was going to get humped on hump day! In truth, Frank could hardly wait.

Part 21 - Frank is Hungry For More But Cynthia Has Plans

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! Some of us keep an orgasm count. Ruby: 18

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