May 07 2013

Day 7 Orgasm 8

I don't watch much porn besides amateur. But on the sites I go to for amateur, there are pro porn clips as well. I enjoy the gay porn there. I enjoy watching them fuck like men. That different way of holding each other and moving each other's bodies around roughly and athletically. The whole thing is more coarse is a very good way. I suppose the reason I am fascinated by it is because I know what it feels like to be in the driver's seat. I know what it's like, too, to hear a man say he'd love to be grabbed and taken and a man would, and trying to do just that.

That kind of fucking requires more muscle and strength and stamina than most women have.  I love it, for as long as I can last, until I am covered in sweat and so is he.

My fapping fantasy late last night...

I come in the front door and find my boy bent over the back of our couch by his friend. My boy is such a slut and he often invites his friend with the big cock to come over and fill up his ass. I laugh to myself and decide to join in the fun. I'd like a piece of ass, too! I go straight back to the bedroom and slip into my strap-on, returning with it in one hand and my lube in the other. My boy is just moaning and not really paying attention; his friend's cock is huge. But I get in back of Mr. Huge Cock and separate his butt cheeks without ceremony, slipping one well-lubed finger in his ass. He gasps, not entirely surprised. We three have played this way before. I slip my own, not-so-sizable cock in his ass and grab his hips. Staying still, I push his hips back and forth and revel in the fucking I am making him give my boy and the fucking I am making him receive on my cock, too. We three are a writhing, moaning mess until my boy's orgasm triggers Mr. Big Cock's, followed by me.

The idea of a man simultaneously fucking and getting fucked is intensely hot for me.



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  1. Your’re not the only one to find that idea intensely hot! And those pictures you show us ….

    1. is who I credit for many of the photos. My only wish is that they would attach credits to their photos, too.

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