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Dec 26 2014

Classes Jan 25 Long Beach

Event Link on Facebook – more info Reserve your spot here Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…wouldn’t you like to bring a new skill to the bedroom? This class is being graciously hosted by Tiffany Yelverton of Entice Me – Haute Toys and Sexy Soirées. Entice Me offers only body-safe, non-toxic toys, and a comfortable …

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Dec 25 2014

Christmas Melancholy

I feel it coming, and I hate it. I squirm and tap my fingers and check my mail too often. Poignantly and perversely, the mail I do get has increased importance, in direct proportion to my need. The need to be with someone. The desire to have a partner. The longing to share warm, cozy …

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Dec 24 2014

Podcast #96

    Pegging Paradise Podcast #96 ❤ Don’t buy sex toys from Amazon ❤ New Toy Report – Share Vibe! ❤ Finally decided how I feel about Toxic Toys ❤ Reddit Prostate posts – check them out! ❤ She unhappy; he loves pegging and she hates it. He’s not listening. ❤ They are pegging to the exclusion of …

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Dec 10 2014


    Looking at the most popular search terms people use to find my website, I am delighted to find one all the way down at #51… “is pegging gay?” 3 people found me using those search words in the last 30 days. I’m so glad they found my website…so I could set them straight.  

Dec 03 2014

Podcast #95

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #95 ❤ More Butt Plug Talk! The Tantus Ryder ❤ Pegging Classes Dec 14th in Long Beach ❤ Rodeoh harness samples are being sent to me! (Excited) ❤ She’s afraid he’ll “go gay”, What can he do? ❤ He’s done everything but buy a harness and she’s still not sure? Go for it! ❤ He caught my edge in …

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Nov 26 2014

Newbie Solo Ass Play

  Gentlemen, perhaps you have found your way here from links on the internet somewhere and you were intrigued. Or perhaps your lovely SO has mentioned that she’d like to explore your ass. Only one problem – you have never done ass play. Like, in your whole life. Never. Not so much as a finger. …

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Nov 25 2014

Reassurance For Ass Men

Reassurance for the Men Gentlemen! Are you a little concerned that you enjoy ass play? Here’s my message for you. It’s all going to be okay, really. Just click the words above.  

Nov 23 2014

Podcast #94

Pegging Paradise Podcast #94 ❤ The Truck Driver is looking for a butt plug for extended wear while driving… ❤ Another request for pegging women with a history of abuse – how is it for you? ❤ Rodeoh harness sizing ❤ Ergo Mini idea to warm it up! ❤ The best reason I have heard yet to …

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Nov 03 2014

Podcast #93

Pegging Paradise Podcast #93   ❤ Kinkly.com Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014! ❤ My interview at the Dave and J podcast! ❤ Some questions about pegging, panties, and past abuse ❤ Pegging Celebration Time ❤ They make a deal – to ask for what they want in bed. ❤ Correction in the comments, and… ❤ A message …

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Nov 02 2014

Turning the Key

sensualpegging.tumblr.com Hot damn I feel weird talking about my emotions sometimes but when I read your work it stirs something in me. I don’t think I could settle for anything less than having you enter my ass to expose a part of my soul. I know that sounds super cheesy and kind of way too …

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