May 14 2015

Day 14 Orgasm 17

Two of my favorite things. Your cock and my riding crop.

I can tell you exactly what I love about your cock. It is magical. Your cock transforms itself (sometimes unbidden) from a sweet collection of wrinkled skin to a hard, fuckable, irresistibly throbbing presence that demands to be satisfied by it's very appearance. Look at me! I'm hard and red and pulsing and....don't you want to play with me? My answer is almost invariably yes. Sometimes that yes is delayed. Intentionally. Let me touch your balls and kiss you and play with your ass and beat you and do everything but touch your cock until you are practically screaming for it. Because then, even a light touch sends your blood racing in anticipation of more. Begging for more. Sometimes your cock begs, jerking and pulsing to get my attention. And sometimes the words actually come out of your mouth.

Please...touch my cock!

I can also tell you exactly what I love about my riding crop. It is magical. It can transform you from a distracted, tense, anticipatory state to one charged with eroticism, endorphins and vulnerability. It opens you up and gets to your hidden places, exploring all. My crop can have you wishing I would use it anywhere else on your body besides your ass cheeks that I so joyfully decorate. It can touch you lightly, almost soothingly, or it can leave you begging me to stop by the writhing of your body as I hit you. And sometimes the words actually come out of your mouth.

Please, stop! Please!

So I stop hitting your ass and I grab your cock. It is magical.


Thoughts of beatings and hard cocks spun round in my mind last night. Towards the end, I was getting fucked for once... 😉

I have a new toy! And it was good for two! More about that later....


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  1. Sexy shot Ruby! I’ve yet to be swatted around mixing pain and pleasure. Fleshy, hot , red cheeks begging to be spread. Help break down the barriers… Crying out, don’t stop!

    1. The pain pleasure dance can be fun. And my favorite ass cheeks to fuck are red and warmed up by my crop.

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