Apr 29 2016

Podcast #131 – Crossdressing!


Pegging Paradise Podcast #131 Crossdressing

❤ His Aunt Linda trained him from the start!
❤ It started with a dream and now he wears panties and pantyhose every day!
❤ Joanne's crossdressing is an "all or nothing" experience - and she has her own room!
❤ He looks forward to combining pegging and crossdressing, and wants a spanking first!
❤ Fransesca was introduced by a part-time domme
❤ He's on the DL and is a very horny crossdresser
❤ This alpha male likes to pretend to be a woman every once in a while.
❤ It all started with panties!



Podcast #112 - For the Ladies

Zion Pic!!

May 15th Classes in Long Beach

Ruby on Comedy Central!


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  1. Enjoyed the podcast — especially the end, where you commented on how you love us guys who experiment with cross-dressing. You’re a rare, special woman, Ruby.

    It was a hoot seeing you in the Comedy Central clip, too. Loved it!


    1. Thank you, Silky!
      I do love you crossdressers, you are brave to explore your desires!

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