May 31 2016

Day 31, Orgasm 17



I was thinking about my Friday night during DomCon.

Playtime with a hunk of a man.

I put a pair of my black satin lace-trimmed panties on him. They looked sexy as fuck. They felt even better, running my hands over his ass, his cock. Those panties stayed on him all night. I pulled them up to bare his cheeks when I beat him. I pulled them down when I fucked him. I big-spooned him, feeling the satin, soaked by both of us, feeling the sweat between us.

Perhaps this was not the best thing to be thinking about when I edged, because it was damn difficult to not come for those 15 minutes that felt like an eternity. There was a moment when I thought that my definition of when to end this could be that the 31st was the last technically I could come. But I resisted! (cheering)

Really looking forward to tomorrow night!


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