Nov 07 2017

Podcast #174

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #174

❤ Patreon Update
❤ Kinkly Reader's Choice Award!!
❤ Women/Giver stories needed for #175!
❤ Young, kinky, grew up on porn and can't get hard. Help?
❤ He's got a secret stash of toys and really wants his wife to peg him. Help?
❤ He's from down under and sends thanks for helping him accept his kinks
❤ He's from the Scottish Borders and is looking for his virgin experience
❤ Chastity and orgasm denial story from the forum. Ruby loves it.
❤ More input about the hands-free squirting orgasms with pegging
❤ Best herbs for better sex for men and women?


Kinkly's Top Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2017
Dr Ava Cadell's Love University
Top Sex Blogger - Sunny Megatron
Top New Sex Blog - Oh Gush
Top Erotica Blog - Scandarella
Top Sex Toy Review Blog - Oh Joy Sex Toy
Top Sex Blog for/by Men - I'm Still Josh
Ethical Porn For Dicks
Decoding Your Kink
No Fap No Porn Group on Reddit
Karezza in Four Easy Steps (Non-orgasmic sexual interaction)
Adult Friend Finder
Forum Thread Orgasm Denial
Anal Orgasm Squirting discussion on EdenFantasys
Men - herbs for sexual response


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  1. Wow so flattered you read my letter TWICE!

    1. I try hard to keep track – sometimes I lose it! But glad you are flattered. 🙂

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