February 2011 archive

Feb 24 2011

God and Strap-on Sex?

Does God promote strap-on sex? I swear to you, this question was listed in yesterday’s search terms for how one person found my website! Sounds to me like a poor conflicted Christian trying to justify his/her desire for this kink, actually. I suppose there are a fair number of expostulations of “Oh God!” on these …

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Feb 14 2011

Size Discrepencies…

How does one handle size discrepancies??? NO – I am not talking about Dildos…Or Penises. You people have such dirty, dirty minds…I love you all! I am talking about body sizes. What happens when the pegger and the peggee have different body frame sizes and different leg lengths? Here is a question from a reader: …

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Feb 12 2011

Orgasm(s)! Multiple, that is…

Long considered the territory of women…multiple orgasms have been envied by men for many years. Yet there is information out there about the elusive phenomenon of male multiple orgasms. Just Google it and you will find some cool YouTube videos made by a sexologist, and more than a few people trying to sell you the …

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Feb 07 2011


About the hottest photo I have found in some time…. Hope you enjoy…

Feb 06 2011

GAP’s Gaffe

I’m thinking a simple Google search on the word “Pegged” would have helped the GAP to avoid making this inarticulate blunder!! I have one of those; A Pegged Boyfriend!!!! Guess I can get a “new” one at the GAP!

Feb 06 2011

The First Time

Brian experiences a few “firsts” in his spontaneous encounter with the lovely Lani Cooke. She is a bit more than he bargained for, but he is not complaining. Discover what happens when a man can’t say no…
This story is for anyone who has ever found another truly irresistible. Even if the timing is not right…even if you know you should say “No”. Sometimes those stories have happy endings.
5,900 words

Feb 05 2011

Hard Times at the Hotel

I wrote this piece a number of years ago in response to a question on a dating website which asked: “Describe your favorite fantasy”. After posting it on my profile, men came out of the woodwork who offered me such sweet affirmation that my previously closeted kinks would be very well received out of the closet….sometimes in the form of “Oh my God! Oh my God! Do me! Do me!”
1,400 words

Feb 05 2011

Just For Starters

Don’t let the length of this story fool you…it will have you reaching for your privates so quickly you will be astounded. Undeniably HOT. This man arrives at a hotel room to find his Mistress a little impatient…
Established couple. Dominance/submission theme.
1,100 words

Feb 05 2011

A Cock For Pet

Must a woman be dominant to peg her guy? Conversely…must a man be submissive to get pegged? Master and Pet will challenge your assumptions…big time.
A role reversal within a role reversal. Definite dominance/submission theme.
3,800 words

Feb 05 2011

Power Play

Nash is a man in complete control of his world…until Amanda shows up. She plays a little rough and he loves every second of it. Nash tries hard to follow her rules. He succeeds…most of the time. Even when he fails…it’s a win-win.
Established couple with dominance/submission play.
6,200 words

Pegging Paradise