April 2011 archive

Apr 29 2011

The Wedding…

Okay, this is so bad that it’s good…you know when something walks right into that territory and grabs hold of you? I do believe it strikes me as so irreverently humorous because of the whole pomp and circumstance and propriety inherent in British tradition, much less the marriage of a royal. And goodness knows…propriety is …

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Apr 29 2011

NewRyder’s Strapon Log

Ryder’s stuff digs deep and touches you in places most work doesn’t. I have sung his praises for the lovely pegging photos…but check out his writing! Go ahead and put him on your blog feed….how can you resist such poetic, startling sexiness? Click the Blogroll link on the right “NewRyder’s Strapon Log” and…enjoy.    

Apr 28 2011

Best Google Search…

And the winner is… “what is the right size dildo for a man that has never been pegged”   Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is being specific. I assume they found the information they were looking for…they spent 45 minutes at Pegging Paradise!

Apr 28 2011

Do Me a “Favor”…

Several times lately I have come across the concept of a woman having little interest in doing something sexually to her guy because she “doesn’t get anything out of it”. The first time I ran across this attitude was when a woman on one forum board wrote that if she wasn’t getting an orgasm out …

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Apr 24 2011

Story – “Crossing the Line”

I just posted April’s story, “Crossing the Line”. This is the very first story I have written that does not include pegging…though I do intend to write a follow-up with these characters and pegging will surely be on the menu for them…! So. readers…tell me what you think about that.  Leave your comments and let …

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Apr 21 2011

Empowered Female

Awesome article on the Alternet today – thought you might enjoy it. And by the way, I subscribe to the Alternet sex articles; great stuff. Refreshing attitudes, excellent reads. Apparently the article originated on the ACLU’s website and is spreading all over the net…nice! What Happened When I Chased Down the Asshole Who Slapped My …

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Apr 20 2011

Crossing the Line

Bruce and Amy’s sex life has fizzled and Bruce is too afraid to do anything about it. Amy takes matters into her own hands and metes out the punishment she feels he deserves. Bruce agrees!
Established Couple, Dominance/Submission, Spanking
2,600 words

Apr 19 2011

Ruby Delivers…

When I promise, I deliver. Enjoy, Gentlemen. Looks like she is ready for you…

Apr 19 2011

So You Wanna Be a Pegger?

Courtesy of Coffee and Porn in the Morning

Think of this photo as a litmus test. Ladies, if you can’t picture (in lurid detail) pegging this man’s ass…I don’t think pegging turns your crank after all. I suspect that the majority of my readers are straight males…someday I will do a poll to confirm that. So I understand if you hetero guys got …

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Apr 17 2011

Latest Fav Song

“Rolling in the Deep” Adele Rocks…poignantly.

Pegging Paradise