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May 31 2011

Amanda Fulfills Her Promise

Amanda promised Nash something last time…and she comes through with it, in style as always. Nash has a difficult time with…her timing.
Relinquishing control is not always easy…when you’re not prepared.
Established Couple, Dominance/Submission
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May 31 2011

Nash & Amanda Cont.

I’m almost done with May’s story. And I’m excited, aroused and inspired.   A significant number of you readers expressed the desire to hear the story of what happened when Amanda acted out the description she used to put Nash over the edge in “Power Play”. I warmed up to the idea…and I do like …

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May 30 2011

Wanking Month Home Stretch

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: Masturbation by Klimt, drawing 1913

  I received another entry in my contest! Definitely spiced up my night… Also…a friend graced my mailbox with some very hot pictures of his dildo play and impressive cock. You know who you are….and Thank You, Sir! Those two things were going through my mind last night when I finally tucked myself in bed …

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May 29 2011

Convincing Him to Try It

Communication First, communication is the key. You need to be able to ask for what you want. If you can’t open your mouth and talk with your partner about sex, he is not going to magically intuit that you want to fuck him up the ass with a dildo. Take a good long look at …

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May 27 2011

Over the Edge

Found My Wings

I was high. High on life and love. Loving and living in a paradise of deep emotions, joy, lust and hotel rooms. And then I fell off a cliff. Not a cliff I saw coming. Not a cliff I chose to leap from. There was no moment when I felt myself consciously push off the …

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May 24 2011

The Merry Merry Month!

Will you ever be able to think of May in the same way???? I think not. you’ll probably get a little tingle of pleasure and not even understand the connection when someone innocently says – “May is almost here!”   Next to my bed is a bookcase with a plethora of erotica. When I engage …

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May 19 2011

Too Drunk to Use a Condom?

Sensis Condom

  New condom easier for drunk people to use….! Those little strips are supposed to make it easier to put on, the right side out…even if you are inebriated…. So maybe if you can’t put a condom on because you are too drunk….just maybe you shouldn’t be having PIV (or PIA) sex??? I’m just sayin’… …

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May 18 2011

Persuading the Women

I am all about spreading the word and convincing interested people to try pegging. That’s what this blog is for…that’s what my classes are for…that’s what my presence on the different forums is for. To an extent…that’s even what the stories are for. Well…that, and getting you (and me) all hot and bothered and hard …

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May 14 2011


From New Ryder's Strapon Log

Orgasm Update…Once last night with my favorite combo; the Lelo on my g-spot and my fingers doing their magic on my clit…a series of visuals running through my mind. You see, I’d been surfing porn videos on FetLife for 3 hours before I climbed into bed. I know…I kinda got lost in all that juiciness …

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May 13 2011


  I have already received a couple of entries for my story membership contest…and I have to tell you…   The stories have inspired my own self-pleasuring…and I feel privileged to receive them! What a lovely, sexy window into your lives and your pleasure…Keep them coming! Pun intended…of course. I think this was one of …

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Pegging Paradise