Aug 24 2011

Get Thee to Aneros

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I think the word is getting out there that some men can orgasm from pegging alone...the "hands free orgasm". All of these search terms were used in the last 2 days to find my website. I'd like to send interested parties over to the Aneros Forum where there are men (and women) talking about exactly how stimulating the male ass can bring orgasmic pleasure. Since I will never have a prostate, I can only ask a lot of questions and tell you what I have learned.  Over at the Aneros boards, though - there is a wealth of information starting with the stickies for newbies to read. If you have any doubts that there is indeed a hands-free orgasm as well as a non-ejaculatory orgasm...head on over there and start educating yourself.


Anyone here have an Aneros Vice? How do you like it?


Have fun with your ass!


And if you want to read a real life story of male multiple orgasm, here you go.


Ruby Ryder

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  1. Just read your posts on the Aneros forum and wanted to let your users know how much anal/prostate/fully body pleasure you can receive from the Aneros line of products. My favorite is the helix. While I don’t have a partner (wife) that is yet willing to peg me, it is a fantasy of mine to try and I really appreciate the site you have put together

  2. Aneros prostate massagers can radically improve your sex life, solo or partnered. We would never have got into pegging had I not learned from using Aneros what the potential for pleasure was like.

    Among other Aneros products, I have the VICE. When it really gets going, it’s the closest thing I know to being pegged. Of course, given the choice, I prefer being pegged by my smart and lovely wife. The prostate orgasms are similar either way.

    Keep up the good work, Ruby!

    1. @ David – thanks for coming over and leaving some info for the people who arrive here asking…”Doesn’t it Hurt?”
      @ ten_s_nut – Thanks for your kind words…and input on the Vice – I have been wondering about that toy!

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