Double Delight?

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"can he fuck me while i peg him"

I actually had to sit there, close my eyes and think about that. I mean...strapons do come in a variety of types and sizes and maybe if you put one The only way this is possible is the following:

He is fucking you with his penis in your vagina. You have the bulb end of a feeldoe or realdoe or share in your ass and are fucking him with it. Looks good on paper...but I don't really know if it is possible. Someone try it and let me know!

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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  1. Where’s MacGuyver when you need him? He’d have the answer in three minutes!

    The only way I see this working is to skip the strapon with a harness, an substitute a double-ended dildo… a long one. Substitute it for the feeldoe Ruby mentioned and it goes in both your asses. I would rate it at a high degree of difficulty, though. I have found that when things start to get really complicated, it’s hard for both people to get the full enjoyment. And after all, isn’t that the point of sticking something up your man’s ass in the first place?

    Just my two cents.


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