So what the fuck do those letters mean that I keep seeing? Jesus, you people and your acronyms!

When I say "you people" I mean, well, everyone in the kink community. I include myself. And trust me, dear readers...we are solidly in the kink community according to the rest of the world. So let me gently educate those of you who don't have a clue about the letters...


CFNM stand for Clothed Female Nude Male. There is an interesting power dynamic that happens when this acronym is translated into reality. To be clothed as a woman while your male partner is nude creates certain dynamics. The vulnerability of the nude man is pronounced. The power is solidly with the female. Both partners can relish this power dynamic, usually when there is a dominant woman and a submissive male. Those words - dominant and submissive - can have meanings of many degrees, from the lightest in-the-bedroom-only play where she calls the shots to a complete Female Led Relationship (FLR). Yes, I just threw another acronym at you! The kink world is full of them.


You will certainly find a bit of D/s in my writing, because I have dominant leanings. I have indeed indulged in CFNM and am a fan of it. For me it's kind of a get his clothes off and out of the way and let me play with his body...all of it. Sometimes I actually forget about my body, I have so much fun with his (I'm working on that - lol). But there are other times that in the slow tease and buildup to great sex it is nice to have my feet rubbed or served champagne or a scalp massage...and be able to reach up and fondle his cock and balls whenever I please.


A fantasy of mine is to sit in a chair and watch my partner on the bed fucking himself with a dildo and jerking off. All I can say is I won't be wearing panties under my skirt...because my fingers will surely find their way to my hot, wet pussy while I am watching the show.


Whew! Actually this post isn't about me...not that you would have any clue that is the case so far. This post is about my friend and fellow blogger NewRyder (no relation other than our mutual love of pegging), who graced us with some hot, vivid, emotional and sensual poetic writing...that describes CFNM and implied D/s. (Damn it, Ryder - you get me every time. The photos are nice, but damn!) You should go read it. Here's the link.


I have posted this photo once already - but it fits so well with this I couldn't resist:

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  1. CFNM has a profound power dynamic. The vulnerability it creates is very hot. Not only are you at her beck and call because she likely told you to disrobe, you become the object of her desire; a definite compliment in every sense of the word. Does the acronym PCFNM (Partially Clothed Female Nude Male) exist? lol

  2. Sykiknot – well in my experience…it takes discipline to keep my clothes on when there is a naked man in front of me (assuming he’s my partner – lol). Before too long – we are both naked! I tend to use it more as foreplay, like NewRyder’s story.

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