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More search terms that brought people to Pegging's the ones that spent a lot of time here:

"does pegging feel good for a guy?"

There's a lot to read here about that subject. Yes it does.


"guys like ass play"

I like this one - it sounds assertive as opposed to a searching for an answer type of thing. Yes they do!


And then, the confused one...

"i want to get pegged by a gay man "

...what? Pegging is by definition heterosexual. One wonders whether the searcher was female? Still wouldn't qualify as pegging! I'm lost...


To close, another picture for you men who enjoy exploring the lovely world of women's silks and satins...stockings and slips. And the women who enjoy these men, too! Any of you here? Speak up and say hello!





2 Responses

  1. Oh yes. Sexy as hell. This is a great image Ruby. So nice to see an image that expresses what we feel – but don’t know how to or who to tell.
    It may take a life time to learn all there is to know about being a man. One of those lessons may be the wickedly good feeling you get from rolling on a pair of silk stockings.
    Keep it interesting.
    Be good to each other.

  2. I crossed dressed once for Halloween, rather successfully because I am tall and all my hair was under a hat. I learned a lot about how differently men walk around in the world. More comfortably, for one thing, but not as much attention! Because of that experience I try to give more attention to men everywhere I go. A smile, a “nice shirt”, anything. You guys deserve it.

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